WWE Monday Night Raw July 28, 2014 Live Arena Report

I’ll start with the crowd. I’m not sure how it came across on TV, but the crowd started off hot and died down quite noticeably until the Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins match.

-I felt like the crowd just didn’t get in to the AJ Lee and Paige segment simply because by that time it was nearly an hour into the show, we got only one match. The fans were understandably restless after having to sit through John Cena and Paul Heyman, and the Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Chris Jericho (which was awful). I will say that our section got the jailbird chant going first.

-The John Cena vs. Cesaro match was pretty good despite a weird Frankensteiner from Cena. The move was nice to see but it just came at an awkward point in the match.

-We were shocked to see Bo Dallas lose to R-Truth of all people, but folks did like the post match beat down. This shouldn’t hurt Bo at all.

-I don’t know why they even had the Damien Sandow vs. Adam Rose match. Sandow coming out in an astronaut costume got a nice laugh from the live crowd.

-The Fandango, Summer Rae, and Layla ordeal just needs to end. Please. El Torito got the biggest pop of the match.

-The Jericho vs. Rollins match was a nice back and forth match that had the crowd knowing the Wyatt’s were going to do something, but the crowd was hot for Jericho. The six-man tag was okay with the right team going over, and Miz playing up his Hollywood status was pretty hilarious.

-Roman Reigns came down by our section on the so it made sense that the extra security was for him during the commercial, but we were shocked when Randy Orton appeared out of nowhere and attacked him. I was ok with this match not happening as it was primarily used to further Reigns vs. Orton going in to SummerSlam. Orton really did a number on Reigns.

-The Divas tag match was what it was. We sat on our hands except when Naomi and Natalya came out. Aside from that nobody cared.

-The Brie Bella and Stephanie segment was very well done. They put a spin on an obvious storyline. The crowd was hot for Brie and very anti Stephanie, who did a very good job getting heat for playing “martyr.” The crowd popped big through the entire segment and when Stephanie accepted the match. The slap wasn’t surprising but still got a good reaction and Brie and Stephanie scuffling to end the show got a good reaction.

-At the end, my section (the floor section that’s on camera behind the ring) was the only section that chanted “Jamie Noble.” We knew it made it on TV and we were as loud as possible with it. All in all, a pretty good Raw in terms of experience (my fifth Raw). Match wise it was disappointing. We were given two matches in the show’s first 90 minutes and the rest just advanced toward SummerSlam (which was the intent of tonight). I still had a blast.

-Smackdown will be in Houston on October 28.

Credit: ProWrestling.net Dot Net reader Cody Garza attended WWE Raw in Houston, Texas on Monday and sent the following report on what happened after the show went off the air.

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