Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Double Eviction Confirmed For Next Week, Zach Volunteers To Go On Block

The information is coming in fast and furious on the Big Brother 16 live feeds.

It can now be confirmed that Donny and Nicole are the co-HOH’s after winning the Q & A overtime contest.

Since that time, Jocasta has been crying about wanting to see her kids and not being able to. Donny said that he needed to win because he had a rough week in the house and thought that he had wasted his summer by being stuck in a house with a bunch of juveniles.

Zach also just volunteered to go on the block and told Nicole that she didn’t have a lot of people to choose from. Nicole coyly responded by saying ‘we’ll see.’

It can also now be confirmed that next week’s episode is a double eviction. Could it finally be time for the Detonators to explode?