Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Victoria Passes Out & Removed From House, Players Selected For Veto Competition

After Cody won HOH, things in the Big Brother house started to heat up.

Derrick told Frankie that he thought that Team America would receive another mission soon and joked that they might be offered $10,000 to save Donny.

Victoria began to have issues with her wisdom teeth. Her face became swollen and she said that it hurt her to laugh or smile. In the morning, when Nicole was doing her make-up, she opened the bathroom door to find Victoria lying on the floor.

The feeds were cut as medics were presumably rushed in.

While waiting for an update on Victoria, Donny pulled Derrick aside and told him that America had voted for them to come up with their own mission this week. He said America would vote on whether they liked it or not and that it had to be completed by the veto meeting. Donny suggested keeping Team America together as the mission. Donny said that it would work if Frankie and Derrick were picked to play in the veto but didn’t try to win it.

Derrick spoke to Caleb and told him that the show might pull Victoria from the game, especially if she had an infection in her jaw. Derrick said it was dependent on how many hours she spent in the hospital.

Caleb tried to pump Derrick up and told him that he needed to win another HOH as Frankie was racking up victories. Caleb admitted to Derrick that he thought he could still beat him in a jury vote, especially using the argument that he doesn’t have a sister who is a millionaire. Derrick warned Caleb that Frankie could say that he is playing for charity. Derrick said that he would donate some of the money to his father’s wounded veterans charity so he could argue and say that people should donate to people who fought for their freedom over people in another country. They both agreed that beating Frankie would be tough.

Everyone was asleep when Victoria returned to the house. She talked to Christine and told her that she had to get an IV and that they put it in the wrong way at first causing her unnecessary pain. She said that she was about to pass out from the pain when Nicole found her. The big revelation was that she couldn’t play in the POV if she was selected.

Cody, Donny, Nicole, Christine, Derrick and Frankie were selected to play in the POV competition. Caleb was chosen as the host. Donny told Frankie that the Team America task was to create their own mission. Donny threw the idea of keeping Team America together by Frankie, and Frankie feigned being receptive. With that said, both he and Derrick agreed that they would not throw a comp as part of the mission. Derrick seemed to like the idea of keeping Donny as he wouldn’t go after them.