Alistair Overeem Responds To Anthony Johnson’s Allegations That He Injures All Of His Training Partners

While Alistair Overeem has a match with Ben Rothwell on UFC Fight Night 50, he couldn’t help but respond to a former teammate’s suggestions that he usually hurts his sparring partners.

Ever since Overeem (2-2 UFC) left the Florida-based fight camp earlier this year, Anthony Johnson (9-4 UFC) has hurled accusations at the heavyweight, claiming that he was a terrible fight to train alongside.

When word spread that Overeem was the one responsible for injuring light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Anthony Johnson couldn’t keep his opinion silent any longer.

He accused Overeem of being someone who hurts training partners “accidentally on purpose,” and he then proceeded to call out the former Strikeforce, DREAM and K-1 kickboxing champion to a future match in the Octagon.

Overeem finally responded to Johnson’s threats in an interview with

“(He said that out of) jealousy,” Overeem said. “I can’t think of any other explanations. I have no relationship with the guy.”

“All this talking to the media? I don’t get,” Overeem said. “Where I come from, if I have a problem, I’m coming directly to you and I’m asking you what’s up. For me, that’s like p-ssy behavior. Maybe I’m missing something and I’m just crazy. On the other hand, I do feel honored people are saying my name in the media. It must mean I have some sort of importance.”

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