Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Christine Eviction Aftermath, Frankie Wins HOH, Rewind Button Is Pushed With Dire Consequences

After Nicole and Christine were both eliminated in Thursday’s eviction episode, a new HOH was crowned and the BB Rewind button was pushed.

When the live feeds resumed, the houseguests were obsessed with the negative reaction Christine received from the live audience. Frankie said that Christine was probably hated and Derrick said it scared him. Frankie once again made it all about himself as he said that he thought Christine was probably saying mean things about him and his family, and presumed that she was saying that it was unfair that she was in the house.

Derrick said that Christine’s true character came out in the way that she exited without saying bye to anyone. Cody said that he hoped it had nothing to do with Christine’s relationship with him and Frankie told him that their constant touching of each other probably made Christine look very bad. Frankie even told him that Christine looked at him with love in her eyes.

After Victoria was called to the DR, Derrick told the guys that they had made it to the Final 4 since Victoria would be the next to go. They decided not to tell her until after the veto competition. They discussed the Rewind button. Derrick said that they should decide as a group whether to push the button or not and Frankie said that he thought Caleb would push the button. Frankie also seemed to be in favour of pushing it as long as it meant there wouldn’t be another returnee from the jury house. Frankie also said that America would want them to push it. Derrick seemed the most anti-pushing. Derrick and Frankie spoke and said that eliminating Victoria wouldn’t make sense for their games and Derrick said that he would vote for Victoria over anyone who took her to the Final 2.

Frankie told the guys that their alliance was so tight that they could handle whatever the consequences were for pushing the button. Caleb quietly told Derrick that Frankie said that he might throw the next HOH competition so that he could compete in the one after that. Derrick said to let him. Derrick told Cody that he was happy that he won HOH and didn’t nominate Frankie, because Frankie ended up winning the veto and could have come after them with cause. Derrick said that now was the time to take Frankie out.

The feeds were paused for the HOH competition and when they returned, Frankie was the winner. The entire group stood around the button and Frankie speculated that pushing it could take away his HOH or even bring back the Battle of the Block. Derrick said that he thought it was an instant eviction. Frankie and Cody wanted to push the button. Derrick, Victoria, and Caleb didn’t want to. Eventually Caleb changed his mind and they all decided to then push the button. Immediately a countdown appeared and said 5 Days, 19 Hours, 12 Minutes. Frankie said that former houseguests could come back to potentially coach them.