Big Brother 16 Live Feed Spoilers: Frankie Chooses Not To Use The Power Of Veto

The Power of Veto ceremony has taken place and here is what went down…

Yesterday, Frankie woke up and told Derrick that the veto ceremony was today. He asked Derrick if he should tell Victoria that the guys were working together and Derrick said it would be detrimental to his game. Derrick told Cody about the discussion and that this was actually a good thing since it meant that Frankie would not be using the Power of Veto. Derrick reaffirmed to Frankie that he should NOT tell Victoria that she will be leaving.

The four guys had a quick meeting to discuss what would happen during the veto ceremony. Frankie and Derrick said that it would not make sense to expose their alliance to Victoria. Caleb once again proving how observant he is, said that Frankie would look dumb if he insulted Victoria only to have her send him home because of the twist. Frankie said that he was honoured to be the one taking them to the Final 4.

Derrick told them that he would tell Victoria that he would be voting to keep Cody because “you have to beat the best, to be the best.” When Frankie was called into the diary room, Derrick told Caleb that he was very happy that Frankie didn’t get the idea to backdoor one of them. Caleb seemed concerned that Frankie was lying and would still put one of them up but Derrick said he wasn’t concerned. Caleb told Derrick that Frankie had asked him if he would keep him safe if he won the Final 4 veto and Caleb told Frankie that he would. Derrick said that none of them could beat Frankie if he got to the Final 2.

The veto ceremony aired lived on the feeds. Cody offered his speech first, saying that it Big Brother is an amazing game and that he would love to be a part of it. Cody said that the potential replacement nominees are two of his best friends in the game and he would not want either one of them to sit in his spot. Cody then said that he would love for Frankie to use the veto on him, but said that Frankie earned it and it’s only fair that he leaves his nominations the same. Victoria then gave her speech and congratulated everyone on making the Final 5. She said that they are all like family and she does not expect Frankie to use the veto on her. Frankie then said that he has had a tremendous amount of power in this game, never more so than this week, though there comes a time where there are too few people remaining for him to be able to keep everyone that he loves safe. Frankie said that “it is with a very heavy heart that I have decided not to use the Power of Veto”.

Frankie said that he thought that there would be a live show on Wednesday. He also said that the Diary Room told him that the veto ceremony would air live on the feeds and he reasoned that this was because they wanted to make nice with customers who usually just watched them sleep all weekend. Caleb said that the button would flip their games on their head since the word “game” was written upside down in the button room. When Frankie was called back into the Diary Room, Caleb/Cody/Derrick talked. Derrick said that Frankie is impossible to beat. Cody argued against this and said Frankie only won the competitions that he did when most people were out of the house already.

Victoria started to cry in the kitchen and Frankie started to console her. Frankie asked Derrick if they should give her some hope and Derrick said that it was possible she would be given safety because of the twist. Derrick assured Frankie that he would keep him over both Cody and Caleb. Frankie said that he was worried because he didn’t know who Cody would keep if he had to decide between him and Caleb. Derrick said that Cody would keep him since Caleb would be very tough to beat at the end. Derrick pointed out that Caleb was well liked and won five comps.