JR Blog: Matt/Jeff Hardy “One Of The Absolute Best”, WWE Raw Thoughts, Randy Orton

Always good for an opinion on Raw, Jim Ross chimes in with a Tuesday blog entry, and here are some of the best parts.

on Hardys:
Happy B-Day to the now 40 year old Matt Hardy who, along with his brother Jeffery Nero Hardy, comprised one of my all time favorite tag teams while I was in WWE with them. Their chemistry with the Dudley Boyz and Edge/Christian was incredible. I will have both Matt & Jeff on our podcast coming up which has been booked for several weeks. A complete listing of our future podcast guests is located on the home page of this site. For the record, Matt and Jeff are STILL one of my favorite duos and one of the absolute best tag teams in the biz.

on Randy Orton
Hard to believe it’s been 12 years since we introduced Randy Orton on WWE TV and the son of a HOFer hasn’t disappointed on his way to his own HOF career. @RandyOrton is one of WWE’s most valuable commodities especially with the company rebuilding it’s main event talent roster to a large degree. Randy was one of the most interesting talents to manage that I was ever around and he always kept me on my toes but at the end of the day I am immensely proud of the talent that he has evolved to be.

on Raw, Dean Ambrose
Nice night for Dean Ambrose. The man who reminds many of Brian Pillman took advantage of the spotlight being on him on WWE’s flagship show.

Good move putting the IC Title on Dolph Ziggler again as I was perplexed as to why he lost it the night before at Night of Champions.

I’m beginning to wonder if the holders of the IC & US Titles are blessed or cursed.

There seemed to be too many rematch oriented matches on the show but that’s merely one man’s opinion. I am big on hitting the reset button after a PPV and starting new issues especially with 5 weeks in which to build them. 5 weeks in today’s marketplace with short attention spans feels like an eternity to many fans. BTW…HIAC is 5 weeks away in Dallas.

Check out the whole post at JR’s BBQ

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