Arrow Spoilers: Sara’s Death To Pull Oliver & Laurel Closer Together

While producers have told Olicity fans not to worry, it appears there is cause for concern as Sara’s death will inevitably push Oliver and Laurel closer together on Arrow.

“It’s funny, I just watched a scene between the two of them in episode 6 where it’s like the sweetest scene,” EP Marc Guggenheim told E! Online. “I think Sara’s death pulls them closer together rather than further apart. That’s not to say there aren’t some significant moments of conflict between them also. I mean, that’s one of the reasons we killed Sara off. The amount of story and richness that we get out of it…there’s a scene in episode 2 where they’re going at it and can’t stand each other. And there’s also a scene in episode 2 where they’re the closest they’ve ever been. And it’s all in the same episode.”


Source: E! Online