Arrow Spoilers: Nyssa & Oliver To Clash Over Canary Retribution, Malcolm’s Surprise, Ra’s al Ghul’s Spectacular Debut

Tonight’s all-new episode of Arrow will shape where the show is going this season.

Initially, Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) is back in Starling City and will immediately clash with Oliver about the best way to avenge Sara’s death.

“There’s an opportunity for them to work in concert, but Oliver’s methods and Nyssa’s methods don’t match up,” Stephen Amell recently told “She’s the, ‘Shoot them all, figure it out afterwards [type],’ and Oliver’s like, ‘I used to be that way! I’m not anymore.’ So that creates the conflict for them. Oliver feels very much as though it’s his responsibility to bring whoever did this to justice. And I will say that of all of the convoluted, devious plans that we’ve ever had on the show, the ‘Who killed Canary?’ device is right at the top.”

In addition to his issues with Nyssa, it appears our hero will also have to deal with another unwelcomed blast from the past as Malcolm Merlin (John Barrowman) will also return and meet with Oliver face-to-face for the first time since he was presumed dead.

“We had 200 extras there,” Amell teased about tonight’s showdown between his character and Merlin. “It is a costume-less, weapon-less, fisticuffs-less exchange. Concurrently, it’s probably the most charged exchange that we’ve had in the show.”

John Barrowman suggested that his character might even attempt to bury the hatchet with Queen.

“[Malcolm] has always loved Ollie like a son,” Barrowman said, suggesting that this was an idea he “kind of tried to plant with these little nuances. So this time when we do meet, Malcolm has something to say to him, and it’s not about fighting. It’s very interesting what he has to say and how he says it. I think it’s also a bit of a surprise for Oliver.”

Finally, we are inching closer to Ra’s al Ghul’s first appearance on the show and Amell said that fans would not be disappointed by the initial entrance.

“If you’re a fan of comics, you’re really going to enjoy the reveal of Ra’s al Ghul — like, the first frames of seeing him,” he said. “That’s going to be pretty cool and create a lot of chatter.”