Mark Hunt Expresses Concerns About Weather Conditions In Mexico, Says 3 Weeks Isn’t Enough Prep Time For Altitude

While Mark Hunt is ready to fight for the UFC’s heavyweight title, he acknowledges that he is facing severe disadvantages in his match against Fabricio Werdum.

“It’s the climate over here,” Hunt told Submission Radio. “It’s 3000 feet up in the air and it’s not sea level. So it’s a different level and it’s pretty polluted over here in Mexico City, so you know training outdoors is not a good thing. We were training outdoors the other day and my throat was getting sore and my nose was getting sore. So the harder I worked out, the more sore I got because of the pollution. So yeah I had to go indoors, back to the air conditioning.”

Hunt stepped in for the injured Cain Velasquez less than a month ago and realizes that Werdum has been training for a much longer period.

“Three weeks is not enough time, but I’m taking my opportunity with both hands and I’m gonna run with it. So we’ll see how we go.”

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