DC Comics 2015 Convergence Events Expanded Spoilers-Filled Look At New 52 Multiverse & Timelines Plus Event Logo Revealed!

DC Comics unveils the Convergence logo and expanded teaser art with more of the multiverse and timelines impacted in the wake of the conclusions of Earth 2 World’s End and New 52 Futures End in early 2015. However, it looks like a few more titles lay the groundwork for Convergence.

Earlier this week, we announced CONVERGENCE, the upcoming, two-month comic book event that promises to rock the DC Multiverse to its very core. Comprised of a nine-part weekly comic book series written by TV writer Jeff King and Dan Jurgens and drawn by Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia and Ethan Van Sciver, as well as 40 distinct, two-part miniseries written and drawn by some of the most exciting creators in comics, it’s an event told at an unprecedented scale.

It’s only fitting that it has a promotional image to match it.

On Monday, we debuted a beautiful illustration of Convergence’s villain, Telos, drawn by Carlo Pagulayan and Jose Marzan, Jr. with colors by Hi-Fi. However, what we didn’t tell you was that there was even more to the illustration. Today, we’re proud to show you the full piece of art, featuring even more glimpses of worlds past as well as the Convergence logo.

The above appears to also include some timelines of those various Earths which are also threatened in the pages of Convergence.

DC Comics has revealed a lot about it’s multiverse via its Multiversity teasers including the massive Multiversity map below.

More analysis to come from your friends at Comics Nexus in the coming days and weeks as DC Comics continues to the build to its biggest New 52 event so far in Convergence.

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