Alan Jouban & Warlley Alves Do Not Agree On UFC Fight Night 56 Decision Result

The sparring between Alan Jouban and Warlley Alves continues, even after their match at UFC Fight Night 56 on Saturday.

All three judges scored the fight 29-28 in favor of Alves, but Jouban says he was wronged.

“First off, I didn’t agree with the judges, obviously,” Jouban said at the post-fight press conference. “I give Warlley a lot of credit, he brought a great fight. He’s definitely a tough competitor. I feel like some of the shots I hit him with might have taken out other guys and he stayed on his feet, so all credit to Warlley.”

With the result, Jouban’s clean sheet record suffered its first blemish and the fighter says the only round he lost was the first.

“I felt like he won the first round. He got the takedown in the second, but I got up and finished strong. The third round was pretty obvious,” Jouban said. “I gotta go back and look at it, but first thoughts after the fight I was kind of upset with the decision.”

For his part, the winner obviously disagrees, not with the result but with Jouban.

“I believe the first round was mine. The second round was closer, but I managed to take him down and hold him there. The third was clearly his,” Alves said. “The judges are prepared to judge under the UFC rules, and I trust their decision. I won’t leave it to the judges next time.”