Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: Abraham Delivers Particularly Poignant Line In Tonight’s Fall Finale

Ichabod and Abraham will reunite in tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow and according to Neil Jackson, there is one line that will be remembered.

“There’s a great phrase that [the writers] threw in there, when the two of them are arguing and clashing, where Abraham says to Ichabod that he was never meant to be the villain of the story,” Jackson said. “He was supposed to be the hero, and all that changed when Ichabod came on the scene,” he says.

Abraham has been somewhat upstaged by Henry, the Horseman Of War this season.

“The way that I perceive Abraham to be is that he’s only got one foot in Moloch’s camp, and that Moloch was a means to an end so that he can enact revenge on Ichabod,” Jackson said. “If he was given the choice, he would choose Katrina over Moloch.”