Pulse TV Flashback 12/17/2004: The O.C.-Episode 6, Lost, Boston Legal

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Remote Destination

Welcome back to your random, often meandering TV column of the day. As usual, I’m Mathan your host. Since I started with the convo between Joe and I, I’ll jump straight to-

TV I’ve Watched In The Last Seven Days

Lost – I finally watched the last new episode of Lost for awhile. I was disappointed that Charlie didn’t actually die. It seemed so “TV” to me. Who knows how long he’d been hanging there? But Jack managed to bring him back. And without any brain damage? Who wouldn’t have enjoyed seeing a “Cyril-like” Charlie?

Scrubs – I also caught last week’s episode of Scrubs. For a cheesy Christmas episode, it wasn’t half bad. The writing was there, the show was pretty funny. It could even be described as “touching.”

Boston Legal – I’m not going to lie; I fell asleep on this episode. Fortunately it was on tape, but it was still boring enough that I didn’t rewind to catch what I missed. This week didn’t really do anything for me.

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Romo’s World: The O.C.-Episode 6

The show opens up to an early morning meeting on a pier between Caleb and Sandy. Caleb is complaining about weather being 50 degrees. Caleb talks about what it would be like living in jail, which he says he is willing to do to protect the ones he loves. Sandy says that he isn’t trying to protect Lindsay or Kirsten but himself. Sandy implies that Caleb is afraid of Kirsten and Julie. Frustrated with Caleb’s unwillingness to tell the truth Sandy quits as being Caleb’s lawyer and walks away.

We then pan the mantel of the Cohen household showing that the stockings have been hung. Seth is upset that the menorah isn’t cleaned. Seth begins to talk about Chrismukkah. He wants to recruit some Jewish people for a big party he has planned to celebrate the holiday. Sandy not interested in helping out.

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The Weekly Pulse: Mr. Coogan’s Groove Tube Update

++ A British production company is suing Fox because of their Wife Swap clone? Don’t those crazy Brits know how the American justice system works? Lawsuits are filed, lawyers make a lot of money and then nothing gets accomplished. C’mon! We assumed you knew!

++ Because Regis Philbin isn’t on TV enough, I guess ABC and the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2005 producers decided he’d be a good temporary replacement to lead out ’04 and lead in ’05″¦

++ A promotional link for Showtime’s Huff. Hank Azaria deserves more success than just The Simpsons!

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