JR Blog: Lashes Out Against IWC, Roman Reigns, Ronda Rousey, Ric Flair

Jim Ross checked in with a December blog on a Sunday, here are some highlights.

on the IWC changing his words
Some, not all, who comprise the IWC and operate websites, etc love to walk a fine line. When asked if I thought Roman Reigns was ready for the WWE World Title run that might be in his future, I said “not now but he’s got until April to become ready and that I was optimistic that he could get there. Some in the IWC, to create more traffic, then went into business for themselves printed that I said that Roman wasn’t ready and inferred that I had little confidence in him of getting ready. That’s like ‘borrowing’ from my blogs fpr their own sites and never mentioning how to order our products which is the primary reason hat I write so many blogs each week….to create a forum to sell my family’s products. At least I’m honest.

on Roman Reigns
To set the record straight, anyone who can guarantee that they know if Reigns will be ready or not are BS’ing themselves and who ever listens to them. If you have a crystal ball I’d suggest that you use to it win some sports bets and to play the stock market.

By the way, what if Reigns is NOT slated to become the next big thing at WM31? The eraser is a mighty weapon. Bottom line is to simply stay tuned and enjoy the ride and try not to over analyze the TV programming of any company that promotes the genre.

on Ronda Rousey
Loved the comments made by my favorite MMA star @RondaRousey who said recently that if she ever appeared in WWE she would prefer to be a villain. That would be easy to execute and would make a great presentation IMO. I predicted long ago that Ronda and the Four Horsewomen would be outstanding additions to a WrestleMania card. It’s a one off, fun opportunity that earns Ms Rousey and company some extra cash and provide UFC with ample, NEW promotion and PR.

on Ric Flair
Enjoyed getting a surprising phone all from Ric Fair a few days ago who was preparing to hit the road for WWE for a referee assignment. Ric was in a melancholy, holiday mood as he started talking about his late, son Reid. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a child and I pray that I never know. I’ve never had a single issue with Ric over the train wreck that we, along with others, were involved in at the Summer Slam Symposium for 2K Sports in LA over a year ago. There’s two sides to every story and I will have mine in my book when it comes out later in 2015. This is one of the more embellished stories that I have been involved in during my long, career to the point that I chuckle about it more often than not. Ric was pleased that I mentioned him in a @USAToday piece that I did.

Check out the full blog over at JR’s Blog

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