Pulse Flashback 12/22/2004: RAW Rating, Update On Ricky Steamboat, Jesus

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The Beautiful Thing Presents: My Story Part Four

I don’t know if this will make sense, but when I stopped watching wrestling in the early 1990s it wasn’t because I had outgrown wrestling, it wasn’t because wrestling wasn’t cool any more, and it wasn’t because I had developed different interests. It was because the specific version of Professional Wrestling that was then available in North America no longer appealed to me. The main storyline in the WWF at the time had Sgt. Slaughter taking the wrong side in the Gulf War. The National Wrestling Alliance was basically dead, and to be honest, WCW didn’t exactly rise phoenix-like from the ashes to save wrestling from itself. Check out the card for the 1991 Great American Bash:

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Opinions, Etc., 12.22.04

No time to do a real intro today, unfortunately. I have to pull a full day at work, then head to Kansas City to catch a flight to Chicago. I was trying like hell to get this thing in last night, but fell asleep instead, thus certifying that this column is boring me to tears as well. Glad that I could share something with the audience. I’ll just get on with it…

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RAW Rating, SD In Iraq (and on Fox News), Kobe Heel Turn, More

– The “Best of 2004” episode of RAW drew a 2.7 rating, according to WrestlingObserver.com and Nielsen Media Research. This is typical for a year-end/holiday week special.

– Vince McMahon appeared on “Your World” last night on Fox News Channel, discussing the SD from Iraq and showing brief clips of the event. When discussing the stock, Vince said he was looking forward to a strong 2005. According to Dave Meltzer on WrestlingObserver.com: “This is the mentality that Randy Orton and John Cena will get established and become the new big drawing cards. Time will tell.”

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WWE To Run Ad In Thursday’s NY Times

Tomorrow, the WWE will be running the following ad in the NY Times:

Pick up a copy of tomorrows Times if you live in NY and check it out. Always grateful, always bold, always WWE.

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Update On Jesus

The following was posted on Aaron Aguilera’s official website-

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Update on Ricky Steamboat

Ring of Honor was informed today that due to his WWE obligations, Ricky Steamboat will finish up with the company on 12/26 at their Final Battle 2004 event in Philadelphia, PA. Steamboat has signed on to work fulltime with WWE as a road agent.

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