Pulse Flashback 12/28/2004: Eric S x2, Updates on Brock, Austin, Goldberg, Heyman, Lawler & More

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Wrestling News, Opinions, Etc., 12.28.04

(Memo to BFM: Damn right he doesn’t, and for the exact reason that you guessed.)

Oh my God…four days with the bitch mother, which was hell enough, pills or not, and then back to this pissant little town and this shitty job. And just when I was feeling centered being back in Chicago. There are some things you just can’t buy, and a little mental tranquility is one of them. Of course, I attempt to simulate it every day at the tune of $75 a month for prescriptions, but it just isn’t the same, you know. Fortunately, I was able to survive the three-hour wait at Kansas City on the way to Chicago (thank God that the smoking areas aren’t cut off past the security area), the forty-minute wait on Sunday morning to get through security at Midway (and for once I wasn’t stopped for further security checks, which I always am at Midway for some reason), and the fact that the flight back to KC was completely full with an excessive amount of crying children, which drives me crazy. Thank God for the AbFab Christmas Special being uploaded. Edina and Patsy always give me a smile. But it isn’t enough to counteract this cold that I have.

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RAW Notes, Including Guest Backstage, Post-Show Match, HEAT Spoilers

According to PWInsider.com, Bill Moody (“Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle”) was backstage at RAW last night in Biloxi, MS, visiting friends. He has had gastric bypass surgery and reportedly lost around 200 pounds since the last time he was seen on WWE TV. Currently there is no plan to put him back on TV but he is still under WWE contract.

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Updates on Brock, Austin, Goldberg, Heyman, Lawler & More

Last week’s edition of Smackdown In Iraq did a 2.9 broadcast rating, with a 5.1 share, according to Nielsen Media Research and PWInsider.com.

PuroresuPower.com is reporting that New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Antonio Inoki announced former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will be appearing as a guest at the promotion’s January 4 Tokyo Dome event in his first public pro wrestling appearance since Wrestlemania XX. As always, take Inoki’s announcements with a grain of salt until they happen.

The trailer for the film slated for May 2005 that features Steve Austin, Goldberg and Bob Sapp, along with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Burt Reynolds and others, The Longest Yard, can be found online here, viewable with Quicktime.

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WWE.com Updates Title History Page

WWE has updated its Title History Web page – which can be found here – to include history of the following titles:

WWE Championship
World Heavyweight Championship
Intercontinental Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship
Women’s Championship
Cruiserweight Championship

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Update on Women of WWE Playboy Issue

The following was posted by a photographer with connections with Playboy, on the Celebrity Nude Database message board here, and pointed out today by Daniel Pena at LordsofPain.net:

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The Daily Pulse, 12.29.04

In Memoriam: Susan Sontag. She could be a bitch sometimes, but she worked hard as hell for basic human rights.

Nacho wins it for Rangers – Google News

I didn’t think that Mexican food was that popular in Glasgow. And how do tortilla chips and jalapenos contribute to a victory? Intense farts by Rangers distracting the Motherwell side or something? Well, the Scottish can be that crude…

…and here we go with another Wednesday in Paradise, the last Wednesday column of 2004, in fact. Yeah, big whoop, I know, but considering my track record with Wednesday columns when I’m on evening shift (and still with a cold), it’s special. What isn’t special is that the rumors going around right now are that we’ll be working on Friday. As much as I love double-time, I detest being in a f*cking plant on New Years’ Eve. So let’s just get on with it…

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Updated List of WWE 2005 Pay Per Views

According to mailers sent out by DIRECTV, here is a listing of all of WWE 2005 PPVs, all taking place on Sundays:

[RAW] Jan.9th New Year’s Revolution

[WWE] Jan. 30th Royal Rumble

[SD] Feb. 20th No Way Out

[WWE] April 3rd WrestleMania 21

[RAW] May 1st Backlash

[SD] May 22nd Judgment Day

[RAW] June 12th Bad Blood

[SD] June 26th The Great American Bash

[RAW] July 24th Vengeance

[WWE] August 21st Summerslam

[SD] September 18th Unforgiven

[RAW] October 9th No Mercy

[SD] October 30th Untitled pay-per-view event (Ed. Note: perhaps Halloween Havoc?)

[WWE] November 27th Survivor Series

[RAW] December 18th Armageddon

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Official WWE.com Smackdown Preview

DEC. 30, 2004

SmackDown! will be back on American soil as the program visits New Orleans this week.

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