LIVE 10 Thoughts On WWE Monday Night RAW 01/19/15

Welcome to my Live 10 Thoughts on tonight’s RAW. Keep refreshing as you follow along with me watching the Raw Reunion show!

1) Wow, just in time, Ziggler, Rowen, & Ryback will have their jobs back for the Rumble.

2) Good match between Bryan & Bray. I hope these 2 can be bitter rivals for years. Kane’s interference make sense, and doesn’t do any damage to Bryan. However, I wish there were some other favorites to win the Rumble. It seems to be down to Bryan & Roman.

3) Pointless Legends panel, however I love that Flair picked Ambrose to win.

4) I can’t wait until Big Show is on the Legends panel rather than interrupting it.

5) Another quality match tonight, this time with Ambrose & Bad News. But it seems like Bad News is back to his losing ways while he holds the IC.

6) Good riddance to The Ascension. Time to push KiddSaro!

7) Shocking that Cena now has to wrestle 3 men. Who wants to see that?

8) Listen, I was a huge NAO fan back in the day, I even liked their mini-return for about a month last year. But com’on, enough is enough.

9) STING! Wait, he just stands on the stage again. STING! (it’s sarcasm folks)

10) Lesner giving F5’s to eveyone in the ring would be the best ending to all the Raws in the past year.

Have a good night guys!


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