Video Of The Day: Super Glitch Allows Man To Beat Super Mario World In Five Minutes

Super Mario World

Imagine if you will playing a game with the intent on not getting to the next level but to get to the end of the game without going through the last battle. Sounds crazy, right? But for YouTuber Minecraft SethBling it was a reality with SNES game Super Mario World.

In this YouTube clip he explains his methodology of doing a set arrangement and how, when done precisely, allows him to skip to the end without making it past the first level. Forget the stuff you saw in The Wizard (aka the greatest marketing movie for Super Mario Bros. 3), “Minecraft SethBling” didn’t use any special emmulators or software to make this happen. Thanks to the glitch discovered by Twitch streamer JeffW356 (which is explained in depth here) SethBling shows the importance of speedrunning and making sure certain blocks and enemies are moved/destroyed a certain way. Cool stuff.

Note: SethBling would pull off a faster time of 4:49.8 with the glitch.

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