Inhuman Error Review & Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man Special #1 By Jeff Loveness & Luca Pizzari

Amazing Spider-Man Special #1 cover

Amazing Spider-Man Special #1 Review and Spoilers

Story by Jeff Loveness

Art by Luca Pizzari

Color by Nolan Woodard


Spoilers: Sign your confidentiality agreement now. Our lawyers are vicious.

In the wake of Inhumanity, past mistakes are coming back to bite, claw, and tear our heroes in the spandex. The “Inhuman Error” storyline starts out with Peter Parker and his amazing ability to strike out with the ladies. Clearing his head with a little web-slinging, he finds himself suddenly in the middle of a bird-person invasion. With New York having had about a dozen alien and superhuman attacks in the last couple months alone, one witness in the book sums it up perfectly; “I’m from New York, man! This happens every week!” How has Aunt May survived this long here without a heart attack?

Anyway, Spidey is having a bit of trouble with the bird-people…at least until he’s saved by the long, red, silky hair of Mary Ja—er, Medusa, and the amazing goat-leggedness of Gorgon. After fighting them off, Medusa explains that New Attilan is the real target, not New York (the pigeons were just too much competition).

They rush over to New Attilan to aid the stars of the Inhuman series against the attack (and to hear them call themselves the most badass code names ever). After saving them and reaching the floating bird island in the sky, the friendly neighborhood Inhumans are surprised by the true villain behind the bird-people…Hawkman! No wait, is that Angel? Who the hell is this guy?!

After the Vulture (no, wait, that’s still not him…) subdues the important Inhumans, he lets Spidey and the Inhuman stars fall to New York, claiming he’ll have his vengeance on Attilan.


The Raven. Seriously. The Red @%&* Raven?! I am now 100% certain that Marvel comes up with some of its villains by making a wheel of the most obscure creations ever and throwing darts at it. I mean, let’s be real, Red Raven was obscure when he was big. So for Marvel to take a character that no one knows about and use him in what seems like a major story arc, as the MAIN ANTAGONIST no less, is risky and dangerous.

And I love it!

For those of you who aren’t sure about this guy, Red Raven was a superhero introduced back in the 1940’s. He was a baby who ended up being adopted by the bird-people of a floating island, being given access to wings that let him fly around and poop on the heads of New Yorkers. He only had a handful of appearances back then, and even fewer in the modern age. However, it makes sense that he and his people could be menacing the Inhumans. If I’m remembering right, there have been connections between the bird-people and the Inhumans throughout several Marvel stories. After Inhumanity, we don’t know what may have happened to the different races related to the Inhumans. I’m excited to see how this plays out in Inhuman Special #1

I’m going to say this is a beginning worth reading while I drink my Red Bull and grow wings of my own.

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