The Blacklist Spoilers: Series Creator Says Writers Aren’t Afraid Of Killing Off Characters In Season 2 Finale

If you expected The Blacklist‘s writing team to pull a The Walking Dead and not kill any major characters in its season finale, you might want to brace yourself.

After deleting Meera in last season’s finale, series creator Jon Bokenkamp recently told that he isn’t afraid of killing anyone in the show’s second season finale either.

“Those things that sometimes scare us in the writers’ room are often the things that we find most exciting, and we try to surprise ourselves,” he said.

Bokenkamp appeared to be referring to Harold Cooper who is still suffering from terminal cancer.

“That might fall into the realm of cliffhangers and surprising storytelling,” Bokenkamp previewed. “He’s in a bad place. That is definitely a storyline that we’re going to be embracing and wrestling with until the end of the season.”