Post-Convergence Roundtable: DC Comics July 2015 Solicitations Pick Over With Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League & More Spoilers!

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The Comics Nexus and InsidePulse team weigh in on DC Comics’ post-Convergence July 2015 comic book solicitations.

James Fulton

I feel for comics shops having to make their orders for DC’s July output. They won’t have any information yet about how the new, relaunched, and soft-relaunched titles will have done in their first month, so I guess that for the most part, they are going to have to follow their gut.

I feel like I’m in the same boat. There are titles I’m interested in checking out, but am not all that sure of, and so won’t be pre-ordering at this point.

Definitely ordering:

  • Black Canary #2
  • Omega Men #2
  • Batgirl #42
  • Batgirl Annual #3 – I hate DC’s Annuals, which are always too expensive, but I am becoming a fan of Bengal’s art, so I’m in.
  • Gotham by Midnight #7
  • Gotham by Midnight Annual #1 – Hate DC Annuals, but I can’t stop myself. The Gentleman Ghost!
  • Gotham Academy #8
  • Grayson #10
  • We Are… Robin #2 – This is the new title I am most excited to read!
  • Effigy #7 – This is a great Vertigo series.
  • Suiciders #6

Waiting to see:

  • Dr. Fate #2 – I’m excited about Sonny Liew’s art on this title, but have lost all faith in Paul Levitz since the New 52 relaunch.
  • Midnighter #2 – I’m a little more interested in this title since seeing ACO’s art on the Batman Futures End one-shot.
  • Green Lantern: The Lost Army #2 – This just keeps sounding better to me – I want to know for sure that it’s going to be a stand-alone title before I commit to it.

Random thoughts:

  • Justice League United #11 – I’m sad to see that Jeff Lemire is off this title, but I think that DC made a good choice is getting Jeff Parker to take over. I’m not that excited about the line-up change (apparently Mera, Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing, and the Demon are joining the cast), and don’t want to spend $4 on a book that I’m on the fence about. I guess I’m dropping this.
  • Secret Six #4 – The fact that this was originally going to be the content for issue 3, which was supposed to be out before Convergence, makes me think that this title is in way more trouble than it seemed from the beginning. I think it’s time for this rat to get off the sinking ship.
  • Superman #42 – I was really interested in seeing how Gene Luen Yang’s writing on this title was going to be, but the fact that he’s launching on the title as part of a cross-over with the other Superman titles means that I’m not going to bother at all.

Alexander Lucard

Honestly, I’m waiting to see if I like most of the new June series before I add any of July’s to my pull list. It’s too far out to make a definite decision past that first sample.

The only things I know I’ll be getting for sure are the two DC books I was pulling before Convergence. Gotham by Midnight and Gotham Academy. Three books if you count the Gotham by Midnight annual separately.

Tentative pulls (Based on if I like issue #1)

  • Constantine: The Hellblazer #2
  • Section Eight #2
  • Starfire #2
  • Black Canary #2
  • Dr. Fate #2
  • Harley Quinn & Power Girl #2

John Babos

So, 21 books from DC Comics in July 2015 for me that averages out to 5.25 books a week. That’s reasonable.

If I minus the 3 Annuals I’m picking up, that’s 18 books with an average of 4.5 books per week; that’s probably what my post Convergence DC reads will shake out as, but it’s also likely I won’t read any of the 5 “huge question marks” books below regularly. That drops my average monthly reads from DC Comics to around 13 which is 3.25 a week.

I’d be happy with 3-5 books weekly from DC; that’d be a reasonable amount of books with not an unreasonable strain on my wallet.

Ok, my July 2015 DC Comics picks are below.

Ongoings (10)

Batman Beyond #2 – Love the work of writer Dan Jurgens and artist Bernard Chang. Am intrigued about this post New 52 Future’s End series which takes place in a “definitive” future of DC, but it looks like we’ll also have journeys across the multiverse. I’m eager for this book to hit stands.

Deathstroke #8 – Slade Wilson has a divine sword now to cut a swath through the gods? He takes on Wonder Woman in “Godkiller”? Awesome. Tony Daniel is doing some great stuff in this series.

Earth 2: Society #2 – Loving the Earth 2 series now, in Convergence and am excited for Society. The heroes are a new world and try to make it home.

Green Arrow #42 – Arrow is one of two fave DC heroes (um, DC, where is your Shazam ongoing series?) so I’m so there.

Justice League #42 – Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok? Darkseid? Yes, please!

New Suicide Squad #10 – Loving the plots and stories by Sean Ryan. I really hope DC Comics gets a permanent artist for this book.

New Teen Titans #10 – Kenneth Rocafort’s art alone is reason to pick this book up, but it’s a solid, fun book too.

Robin, Son of Batman #2 – Super-Robin by writer-artist Patrick Gleason and usual art partner in crime Mick Gray? Yes, please.

Sinestro #13 – With the Green Lantern Corps “lost”, the Sinestro Corps has manifest destiny trying to fill the GLC void. What could possible go wrong? Cullen Bunn and Brad Walker are doing wonderful things with this series.

Superman / Wonder Woman #19 – In writer Peter J. Tomasi with artists Doug Mahnke I trust. Plus this issue has the Suicide Squad guest star!

Arc-based or One-shot Reads (6)

Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis #1 – Must have missed the announcement of Peter J. Tomasi’s newest min-series featuring a new Bat-villain. I love villain-centric books and I also like doppelgängers / analogues, so this should be fun. I’d have preferred a Wrath or Owlman book, but in Tomasi I trust, so I’ll at least try issue #1. I see there is ongoing digital comic called Batman: Arkham Knight. Not sure if it takes place in the main DC super-hero Earth, but I’ll still sample this mini-series

Deathstroke Annual #1 – More Godkiller with Wonder Woman and… Superman? Nice.

Flash #42 – Every time I want to drop this book after the arc I’m reading, the next arc hook gets a cliff-hanger and I’m compelled to keep reading Curious about this new Professor Zoom, not to be confused with the Reverse-Flash of DC Comics post-Flashpoint.

Flash Annual #4
– More Professor Zoom and some details on his Flash “hunting party”.

Justice League of America #2
– Am not sure what this is about yet, but I’ll sample the first arc.

Lobo Annual #1 – The new Lobo and the Sinestro Corps! Hijinks ensue. I don’t read the Lobo series, but am a big fan of Sinestro’s ongoing series.

Huge Question Marks (5)

Batman #42 – I’m been reading this book since the beginning of the DC New 52. If what I’ve seen is true, and we have a brand-new Batman, I think I’m done. But on the other hand I’m sure there are big plans on the march to Batman #50. So, I’m not sure.

Dr. Fate #2 – Still not sure how I feel about this book. I like writer Paul Levitz, but how good June 2015’s issues #1 will determine whether I make it to July’s issue #2.

Green Lantern: Lost Army #2 – Not sure what to make of this lost GL’ers headlined by John Stewart. I’ll try #1 and see whether it’ll hook me enough to come back in July.

Omega Men #2 – Not sure about this book, but am curious about the “dead” Kyle Rayner and the Omega Men “killers” being on the run. Like with Dr. Fate, issue #1 in June will determine if I’m back in July for #2.

Secret Six #4 – Love Gail Simone and rotating artists Ken Lashley and Dale Eaglesham, but this book has been delayed quite a bit. Not sure I’ll be there for #4 due to the delay, but I’m 51% sure I’ll pick up this issue, but we’ll see.

Phil Allen

Justice League: Gods and Monsters – Batman #1 and Superman #1 – These are a prequel to the new movie JL: Gods and Monsters, and I’m glad to see Bruce Timm hasn’t really retired. It also makes sense that J.M. DeMatteis is writing, he wrote more than a few episodes of DC Animated series. These appear to be kind of Elseworld stories, and I’m always a big fan of those. Should be pretty cool!

Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis #1 – Another series based on the game? Could be that they’re trying to follow in the vein of Injustice: Gods Among Us, but I’m a fan of Tomasi’s, especially his Batman and Robin run, so I’m in. I’m also going to be getting Robin: Son of Batman

Batman ‘66 #25 – Harley Quinn reimagined in the ’66 style? MORE PLEASE!

I wasn’t around yet to talk about all the new #1’s coming in June, so here’s just a quick list of one’s I’m looking forward to…

Black Canary – Brenden Fletcher has become a favorite for fans of the new Batgirl run (#35+) and Gotham Academy, and it’ll be cool to see him step outside of the Bat-family. Plus with Annie Wu, who I’ve been following during Kate Bishop’s issues in Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye, that’s a heckuva team. I’m in.

Constantine: The Hellblazer – I’m glad John will continue to have a book post-Convergence. If you haven’t been picking up any Constantine so far, this is probably a good starting place. Then go back and read Justice League Dark. Good stuff.

Justice League of America – Interesting that there are two Justice League books with similar (if not the same) team members at the same time.

Bat-Mite – If only to see how he’ll be portrayed in today’s comic market. But I enjoy a bit of fun in Bat-books, I’ll be checking this out.

Section Eight – Mostly interested for Garth Ennis, but this looks like another fun book.

Martian Manhunter – Finally, a spotlight on J’onn J’onnz! I became of a fan of MM while watching Justice League: Unlimited and admittedly haven’t read nearly enough comics about him, so this is one I’m most excited about post-Convergence.

Batman Beyond – Thanks to Future’s End, the Batman Beyond universe has been integrated into the main DCU. I always enjoyed the idea that it was a kind of Elseworlds story, but it’ll be interesting to see what stays from the original series and what changes to fit into New 52.

Earth 2: Society – I have some catching up on the other Earth 2 series to get to, so I’ll be adding this to the list.

Justice League 3001 – JL 3000 is a pretty cool series written by veterans Keith Giffen and J.M DeMatteis, this should be a good continuation.

We Are…Robin – I’m mostly wondering how Batman would react to a sudden swarm of kids jumping up to fight crime under the “Robin” name.

And of course the titles I’m already getting:

  • Pretty much all Batman related books (even Gotham By Midnight, Gotham Academy, etc.)
  • All Superman: Truth titles – I don’t read a lot of Superman, but I pick up bits and pieces since the New 52 started, and since this is a tie-in with other books I’m getting, I’m in.
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Four
  • Green Arrow
  • Justice League United
  • The Flash
  • Wonder Woman

Paul Miranda

Holy guacamole!! I’m pretty much reading the entire output!! This includes 3 annuals to make the total number of 24.

    BATGIRL #42
    BATMAN #42
    CYBORG #1
    FLASH #42
    GRAYSON #10
    SUPERMAN #42


“Truth” continues! I thought it was only going to be four parts, but obviously not. Everything intensifies for Big Blue!!

The new Batman puts BG through the ropes. I’m thrilled that the creative team will be sticking around for the near future.

Two tantalizing tales tying in to GRAYSON and GOTHAM ACADEMY, which happens to be part of my monthly reads. What more can a fanboy ask for?

Whose face is hidden in that Chappie suit? It’s too early to tell. Plus, what’s the point of suspense if there’s a quick reveal?

Dinah as the lead singer of a band while adventuring. What’s not to love?

After more a passing promise and years of waiting, Vic Stone gets his solo book. Great expectations abound!

Tony Daniel is killing it (pun intended!) on this complex character. It’s a double dose of drama and violence!! That couldn’t be further from the truth as Slade deals firstly with Wonder Woman, then Superman. “Godkiller” is indeed epic!

The Scarlet Speedster is loved twice as much this month. All eyes are on the ID of the newest incarnation of Professor Zoom. I’m no exception!

Somebody dies? Say it ain’t so!!!

The most offbeat Bat-title gets extra recognition this month. One issue spotlights Lt. Weaver. The other features the Gentleman Ghost. Either way, things are never easy for the Midnight Shift.

Dick confronts the supposed savior of FOREVER EVIL. Hint: his initials are double L.

Wonder Woman leads the team against the two cosmic forces. Woot woot! Plus, more screen time for Mr. Miracle.

Bryan Hitch better deliver on his wide-screen storytelling. Will this book beat its sister title?


Damian Wayne, globetrotter! The Al-Ghul have a rival group that give them a run for their money? You bet your ***! The Demon’s Head clan has to fend off the Dragon’s Head.

Plagued by delays time and again. The story goes off-course as a tale from the ‘burbs spotlights Big Shot.

This anthology is an absolute joy. Stories written for pure enjoyment without the worry of continuity.

The movement increases a hundredfold! But, there’s obviously an unknown ‘benefactor’ behind it all. Will the curtain be peeled back?

The Finches continue to put Wondy through the wringer! Diana seeks Ares to better understand her new role as God of War. Plus, Paradise Island continues to be besieged.


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