The CW’s The Flash Season 1 Finale Spoilers & Review: Fast Enough, Episode 23 (S01 E23): With Nora Allen, Eddie’s & Eobard Thawne Fates? Legends Of Tomorrow?

The CW’s The Flash Season 1 Finale hit the airwaves tonight. The Season 1, Episode 23 (S01 E23) finale titled “Fast Enough” answered a few questions and posed more:

  • What Are Nora’s, Eddie Thawne & Eobard Thawne / Harrison Wells / Reverse Flash’s Fates?
  • Which DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Show Up?

Spoilers and Review for The CW’s The Flash Season 1 finale follow.

CW Arrow & The Flash Fight Club

Top 5 Developments

    (1) Reverse Flash’s Revelations:

    Eobard Thawne / Harrison Wells / Reverse Flash’s original planned to kill Barry Allen as a boy, but future Flash came back in time and foiled that plan and saved Barry. To prevent Barry Allen from becoming the Flash, Thawne / Wells / Reverse Flash killed Nora Allen, Barry’s mom. However, Reverse Flash became stranded in the past and needed to create the Flash so he could create a temporal wormhole to allow Wells / Thawne / Reverse Flash to return to his future; in exchange Barry Allen can go back in the past and save his mom Nora Allen and prevent his father Henry Allen from going to jail for Nora’s murder.

    (2) DC’s Legends of Tomorrow live-action debut:

    The episode opens with Dr. Martin Stein (1/2 of Firestorm and a member of Legend of Tomorrow (LOT)) and Ronnie Raymond (currently not on DC’s LOT). Hawkgirl and Captain Cold make cameos in the final moments of the episode as Barry Allen’s The Flash tries to close a singularity created by his efforts to go back in time to save his mom.

    (3a) Cisco Ramon Has Powers:

    Eobard Thawne / Harrison Wells / Reverse Flash reveals that since Cisco Ramon remembers the alternate timeline where the Reverse Flash killed him, that he also got powers from the particle accelerator; he can manipulate the vibrational barriers of the multiverse.

    (3b) Eddie Thawne Is The Wildcard:

    Dr. Stein tells Eddie that he is the only one that doesn’t have a vested interest in Barry Allen’s future. Yet, his last few years have been the product of coincidence. He gets to choose his own fate: he decides to screw fate and decided Iris West is his destiny.

    (4) The 3 Flashes and Nora Allen’s Fate:

    Barry travels to the past and encounters 2 other Barry Allens… the future Flash that save his younger self. He enters the picture after future Barry saves past boy Barry. Barry has 1.52 minutes to save his mom. Future Flash sees Present Flash and waves him off from saving his mom. Barry Allen lets Nora Allen die. The current Flash TV show timeline is preserved.

    (5) The Reverse Flash’s Fate:

    A Time Bubble time travel machine is created by Cisco Ramon with the Reverse Flash’s specs. While Barry Allen is in the past, the Reverse Flash tries to use the wormhole to get back to the future. Barry Allen returns to the present and stops the Reverse Flash by destroying the Time Bubble. At the same time, Eddie Thawne chooses his fate; he kills himself so that the Reverse Flash is erased from existence. Barry Allen’s time travel efforts cause an extinction level singularity that threatenss the present after Eddie’s corpse is swept into and it seems set to engulf the Earth.

The end… for Season 1.

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