Vince Russo Blog: What Will Save ROH, TNA & Destination America


Wrestling expert Vince Russo has all of the solutions to Destination America, TNA and Ring of Honor’s problems.

Here is his latest amazing blog:

What Will Save ROH, TNA & DA


It was less than a year ago this time when I was on “secret assignment” working as a consultant for TNA. At the time, Spike TV had yet to make the decision on whether, or not, they were going to offer the company another contract, as the existing one was about to expire. As the Hulkster would say, speculation was “running wild”, throughout the Internet Wrestling Community, as to the future of TNA on Spike TV.

I remember it was at this exact time, that I called TNA exec, John Gaburick, and pitched him a major storyline based on the reality of the situation. What I pitched was that due to the uncertainties of TNA continuing on Spike, other wrestling organizations would take advantage of the opportunity by showing up on IMPACT, in an effort to prove to the Network, that they were the ones that were worthy for the spot instead. My pitch was thatROH, Japan’s Wrestle 1 (who TNA was already working with at the time) and Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling invade TNA’s time slot in an effort to take it for themselves.

I can vividly remember John hearing me out and saying, “Let me think on that and get back to you.” It almost goes without saying that John never got back to me.

Not hearing from “Big”,  I pitched it to one of the two TNA writers who said to me that while the idea sounded interesting, there was nobody worthy in ROH at the time that would have had any impact. I tried my best to explain that it wasn’t about who we used from ROH, that was secondary to the angle, it was more about the company as a wholetrying to pull the carpet out from under TNA.

At that point, as I had done many times before when others knew more than me—I just waved the white flag.

So what happens? The way I see it, ROH saw an opportunity with Destination Americaonce the news “leaked” of them perhaps opting out of their TNA contract after a year.ROH slid in the back door, perhaps undercutting TNA by offering wrestling to DA “on the cheap”, and asked for an opportunity to prove themselves to the network. Doesn’t that story sound familiar? Much like the exact same scenario I pitched to John with DA now playing the role of Spike? Now, please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not suggesting that all of this is a “work” and all three parties are working together, because I don’t believe it is. Based on some of the things that have been stated publicly by all three companies, and some phone conversations that I’ve had with those in the know, I feel that right now TNA may be in a situation where they are fighting for their lives. I believe that they were moved to Wednesday nights as one last opportunity to prove their worth to Destination America.

Now let me make this clear—in its own, new paragraph—all that is just speculation and my opinion.

However . . .

If my spider sense is at all correct, than I both hope and pray that all three parties, ROH, TNA and Destination America can clearly see that their only opportunity in having any kind of an impact in the wrestling business comes with them all WORKING TOGETHER.ROH and TNA need to craft the angle of all angles, that their parent company,Destination America, is only keeping one organization on the network, and going forward they will both battle it out—on BOTH SHOWS—to see who the lone victor is.

Personally, I just can’t see Destination America keeping both ROH and TNA on their network. At the end of the day it’s going to be about finances, and if ROH comes in cheaper and their audience is even close to TNAs, then why are they going to pay TNAmore money? On the other hand, if ROH doesn’t come close to TNA’s numbers and they find themselves the “odd wrestling promotion out”, then why wouldn’t Destination Americacapitalize on that NOW by making TNA even STRONGER by using ROH in the angle?

If it were me, and obviously it’s not, I would be ALL OVER THIS RIGHT NOW. If not for anything else, this simply would be the best opportunity for both companies andDestination America to take maximum opportunity of the cards in their hand. I think right now, both companies NEED each other in order to survive, and I truly believe that BOTH could survive if they worked WITH each other as to OPPOSED. This one major story–if done correctly–could be the catalysts in getting BOTH wrestling companies over the hump and taking them to new found heights on Destination America.  And, hindsight being 20/20, I think all wrestling fans want BOTH SIDES TO WIN, because the truth is . . . that’s what would be best for business.


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