Big Brother 17 Live Feed Spoilers: Daily Recap 07.16.2015

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Here’s a recap of everything important that went down of the Big Brother Live Feeds from 8:00 AM BBT on July 16th, all the way through 8:00 AM July 17th.

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

Houseguests get up for the day. Vanessa tells Austin the people they have to look out getting HOH today are Jason, Meg, and Jackie.

Jeff tells Liz that Austin is throwing him under the bus. He tells Liz that if she is a twin, she’s the nicer one. He wishes them both good luck.

Jeff tells Meg that is he doesn’t get the votes, not to trust Shelli and Clay.

Austin is starting to get worried that Jeff is getting votes, he tells Liz the the can’t be in the same room as him because he’s the worst person he’s ever met.

Live show happens, Jeff is evicted. Liz and Shelli are the new HOHs.

Austin tells Liz Audrey definitely voted out Jeff because she’s America’s Player. Austin. James, Meg, Clay, and Shelli all think Becky and Audrey were the extra votes.

Jason tells Audrey he’s worried Liz will put him up because he’s been circulating the twin thing. As this is the first time Audrey has been told by anyone about the twins, she is rather confused.

Vanessa tells Clay she’s really good at reading people, and the two votes were Audrey and Becky. They decide to ask Audrey who she think they are, to which she says she thinks one of them was Steve.

Vanessa asks Steve in front of Austin and Audrey who he thinks the other two votes were. He says he doesn’t know, and that it wouldn’t make sense for someone to go against the majority decision.

Steve walks away, Vanessa says he’s telling the truth.

Audrey tells Clay that Vanessa is sure the vote wasn’t Steve, but she’s still certain it is. She says she’s starting to notice inconsistencies in Vanessa’s stories. Clay tells her she’s crazy and can’t go off gut instincts.

Vanessa says she’s done some thinking and she thinks either Steve or Audrey is the second vote. (Remember, Liz, a member of their alliance, is the other vote, and not saying a word).

Clay finally decides to ask Becky who she thinks the votes are. She says she thinks it is Liz.

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