All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Grows By 4 Series To 49 Of 58 Titles! Post Secret Wars 2015 Spoilers For Oct. 2015 To Feb. 2016 Launch!

Heading into San Diego Comic Con International 2015 (SDCC 2015) a few weeks ago, Marvel Comics had already officially announced 45 of their 55 to 60 (Marvel Editor in Chief [EIC] Axel Alonso won’t pin down the total number of ANAD Marvel series) new All-New All-Different Marvel Series launching between October 2015 and February 2016.

All-New All-Different Marvel branding 2

Parallel to SDCC 2015, Marvel did reveal 15 more new titles to be part of the All-New All-Different Marvel Comics initiative, but they only announced the title names to retailers; so these were official yet unofficial announcements.

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All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Spoilers follow.

Further details were not announced about those named series until San Diego Comic Con International 2015 kicked off and then rolling out after that. And, add to that, that Marvel EIC Axel Alonso has confirmed in interviews around the ‘net that (1) a second Iron Man title to also be written by Brian Michael Bendis and (2) Black Panther is also coming to All-New All-Different Marvel, but not much else is known at this time of either book. The second Iron Man series is the new-news since Black Panther was on the list of the ANAD Marvel series announced to re tailors parallel to SDCC 2015.

So, it looks like we’ll get still 55 to 60 total ANAD Marvel series depending on Marvel’s math; for example do All-New All-Different Marvel Point One #1 and Marvel Super Hero Spectacular #1 count as part of the All-New All-Different Marvel “series” numbering? We’ve excluded them from our count as they aren’t ongoing series or mini-series, but one-shots.

Even more All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Spoilers follow.

With the 45 officially announced All-New All-Different Marvel ongoing and mini-series with full creative teams as the starting point for our count, we now have 4 more series officially announced by Marvel; that’s 49 ANAD Marvel series so far.

Cover art is below with creative teams following.

ANAD Marvel Comics A Black The Hunter #1 ANAD Marvel Comics B Spidey #1 ANAD Marvel Comics C Black Knight #1 ANAD Marvel Comics D Hercules #1

  • Blade The Hunter written by Tim Seeley & art by Logan Faerber. The story features Blade’s daughter as the lead.
  • Spidey written by written by Robbie Thompson & art by Nick Bradshaw. The story features Peter Parker as a high school teenager in his early days as Spider-Man.
  • Black Knight written by Frank Tieri with art by Luca Pizzari.
  • Hercules written by Dan Abnett with art by Luke Ross.

All-New All-Different Marvel 2 Citizen VWhat do you think so far of Marvel Comics’ officially announced 49 ANAD Marvel series? We await at least another 9 series that were revealed to retailers and/or by Marvel’s EIC sans full creative teams:

  • Black Panther
  • Black Widow
  • Citizen V or Thunderbolts series with him
  • Death’s Head with Death’s Head II I believe
  • Devil Dinosaur and a young female friend
  • Iron Man series number two
  • Nightmask
  • Red Wolf
  • Starbrand

Assuming these 9 are rolled out with full creative teams, and that there are no other surprises like Iron Man’s second series, it looks like the first wave of All-New All-Different Marvel Comics series will total 58 between October 2015 and February 2016.

However, there is speculation about a 10th title that evokes a Romance (title TBC) comics vibe series, but it’s not clear if that will come to pass and push the All-New All-Different Marvel line-up to 59. If it does materialize, come on Marvel, make the ANAD Marvel an even 60 books for wave one. 🙂

What do you think of the line-up?

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