Vince Russo Blog: Lashes Out at IWC, Calls Internet “A Sad Village Of Wannabes”


Vince Russo continues to blog and has a lot to say about the Internet Wrestling Community that he is now part of.

IWC: Just A Sad Village Of Wannabes


This morning was just one of those days where I woke up at about 6am, dragged myself to my computer, and started surfing in an effort to find something to write about. Lately, when it comes to the topic of sports-entertainment—there really isn’t much to say. Many times I just find myself trying to fill this blank, empty, vey white page with just meaningless words that really don’t mean anything, because quite frankly, for the vast majority of it . . . professional wrestling in 2015 has succeeded in making itself irrelevant . . . there’s just nothing to talk about.

However, once again as I’ve stated to nausea in the past—that is not in the fault of the workers. When I watch the genre today, the athletes are working just as hard as they did during the height of the business some 15 years ago. In my opinion, you can never question the heart of a wrestler. The passion, the drive, the commitment is always there—it just comes with the very fiber of who they are. Which brings me to the point of this article—it is an absolute JOKE when self-proclaimed critics who have in fact never done anything as it relates to the wrestling business, get on their keyboards and start slandering and defaming the names of those who take great pride and honor in what they do for a living. Really, it’s downright disgusting and embarrassing to me.

Can you imagine for one second, if we went to work with these nimrods—that is if they have work—and started criticizing them on their day-to-day duties. Just started lambasting them, telling them how miserable, unqualified and unworthy they really were. I’ve often wondered, what actually goes though somebody’s mind when they sit down and start writing with the intent of just trashing another human being. I get it, they want that spot, it’s been their lifelong dream to  work for the WWE in some capacity, and despite the fact that they never achieved that goal because they just weren’t good enough, their rational in their feeble little minds is to tear down those who worked hard and sacrificed everything to make it.

The immaturity level is almost one that I can’t even comprehend. What person, of any worth whatsoever, just has the time to do that? My anger became unleashed this morning when I was reading the comments based on a Ric Flair interview where he spoke about his daughter Charlotte. The remarks made about this hard-working, deserving woman were just totally unacceptable to anyone who had even a shred of brain tissue in their head. The personal attacks, the insults, the slander, the defamation, and all for what—because they are jealous that Charlotte is there . . . and they are not. Add that to the fact that these idiots are nameless, and faceless and hide behind their computers like total cowards knowing that they will never have to face those they criticize.

This morning, some even went as far as to call Charlotte a “man”. Who is that funny to, your twelve year-old buddies who hang out in the clubhouse with you laughing and giggling over the weather-torn copy of Playboy you found in the woods months ago? It’s just sad, man, if that is your life . . . it’s just sad.

The truth is that I have never seen any other industry where their so called “smart fans” conduct themselves in such a childish and disrespectful manner. I have chatted and conversed with many fans through the years especially in sports forums, and I have never witnessed anybody calling Brandon Crawford the shortstop of the San Francisco Giants, a cross-dresser because he took an 0-4 collar. It has just never happened. But—in our world Charlotte, one of the brightest, young stars in the business today, is a man because somebody with cotton in their brain is jealous.

So go ahead, and now have at me. I am so use to your fictitious dribble that I am absolutely numb to it. You see, there came a point in my life, probably about the 12 year-old mark, where I actually grew up. And, it was during that time that I understood what my parents were trying to teach me when it came to respecting others, and what they do. I guess those who travel the low roads of the IWC slept through that lesson. At the end of the day, your vicious words of attack hurt other human beings, and if that was your intent–congratulations—your gold star is in the mail. I, for one, would have loved to see those attacking Charlotte based off of Ric Flair’s interview, repeat those same words to her father–face-to-face, man-to-man, brother, would I love to see that. But it will never happen–cowards will simply be cowards, and that’s why they’ll always be watching from the sidelines. It’s much easier to criticize then actually achieve something in your miserable lives.

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