Marvel Comics Review & Spoilers: Captain America – White #1 By Tim Sale, Jeph Loeb, Dave Stewart, Comicraft. Extra-sized Goodness With Reprint Of #0 As Well As Interviews! Read Until The Very End!!

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“You Can’t Take it with You” (23 pages)

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Story by: Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale
Colors by: Dave Stewart
Lettering by: Comicraft’s Richard Starkings
Design by: Comicraft’s John Roshell
Covers by: Tim Sale, J. Scott Campbell, Mahmud Asrar, Skottie Young

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Conflict is the spice of every story!! Cap’s tricolors are his own but it’s the Marvel method to not have anything presented through rose-coloured glasses.

Steve Rogers’ resurrection is most unsettling. He is rattled to no end but even the Avengers are astounded as is his fellow fighter Nick Fury. Either way, he is welcome with open arms. This is now, that was then…

Bucky is the wild child every parent struggles to control. He is defiant, energetic, flippant. Emerging adulthood stuck in a developing adolescent body. Steve is all eyes and ears, as well as on his toes with the young buck. [Natch!] Bucky’s exuberance and enthusiasm is the counter-balance to Steve’s solemnity and stiffness. Two halves make a whole.
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Just because the Sentinel of Liberty is on the side of angels doesn’t mean he has to be liked. In fact, Nick Fury and Dum Dum downright resent him and his ‘circus performer’ partner. The costumed duo do all the dirty work and get none of the glory.
CAPTAIN AMERICA - WHITE #1 Dum Dum & FuryCAPTAIN AMERICA - WHITE #1 Buck & Cap on the bike
Bucky is taxing on Steve. He doesn’t want to be smothered nor lectured nor grounded. The rebellious streak is universal. The sins of youth are paid for in old age. Heartfelt concern is rejected and hurtful remarks are made.
The Howling Commandos resent Cap’s alter ego of Steve Rogers: tall, hot, and blond surrounded by a bevy of beauties. His masculinity is questioned and there are accusations of Aryan heritage before the brawl breaks out. The in-fighting is halted when a hot tip on German infestation hits the news wire. The aircraft is ambushed. All the troops freefall. Cap frets over Bucky’s fate.
I will be bold in stating that Jeph Loeb is Cap and Tim Sale is Buck. Despite Mr. Sale being older by two years, their personalities strike me as such. Mr. Loeb carries his voice through Cap/Steve. All boys need a father (figure) as well as a strong male presence in their lives. It’s simply factual. Steve does the right amount of doting even if it ruffles Buck’s feathers. Bucky is more than an apprentice, a lower rank officer to be trained. He’s the younger brother, the son, the filler for the void. Bucky being impetuous will get the better of him. His skills are not questionable; his lack of patience and strategy are under the microscope.

Tim Sale is a part-time painter as indicated in the first four pages. The awakening around the Avengers is brighter and emits a nostalgic feel. The colours and tones become progressively darker. Any time there is conflict solid inks and heavy shades come into play. The anatomy is proportionate and extremely detailed. The three double-page spreads are extremely gratifying. Action isn’t the only item on the menu: the Moroccan?/Algerian?/Tunisian? bar exudes calm and comfort, rest and relaxation.
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Dave Stewart plays with shadows. The faces are overshadowed due to anger, despair, intimidation. He gives a bit more attention to the dark since certain aspects of the panels are what need to be emphasized as in the case of Nick’s full-fledged flight upon being ejected. The silhouette of Steve in the church is the best portrayal of a man eternally consumed by grief.
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Richard Starkings leaves ample space around each speech bubble allowing for painless reading. The lower-case letters are used for narration; the upper-case for dialogue. Two big words stand out: “CLICK” and even more so “BUCKY!”

John Roshell most likely created the title card as well as the credits. Superbly simple but fluid!
Mssrs. Loeb and Sale are off to a strong smart. I only learned today at my local comic shop that Tim Sale is daltonic [colour-blind]. How ironic given the bulk of his work for Marvel Comics along with his partner-in-crime.

I give this first issue 11 out of 13 stripes [84.6%]
Stripes with stars red & white

[Reprint] CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE #0 (17 pages)

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[Extra feature] interview with the storytellers (13 pages) {condensed from 15 pages}

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