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Vince Russo posted a new blog putting WWE creative ON BLAST

Inconsistency Is Glaring In WWE Writing


From a professional writing standpoint, the WWE Creative is consistent . . . they are consistently all over the place. Week, after week, the writing is so unbalanced and so confusing that at times it makes it almost impossible to understand the character traits of anyone on the show. Honestly, I don’t know if this has anything to do with too many cooks stirring the broth, if they’re not double-checking their work, or, if they just plain don’t know how to build and develop characters and storylines.

One week Rollins can do it on his own—and does—the next week he’s up Triple H’s a** again. One week Rollins is comparing himself to Triple H, questioning if whether, or not, he’s better than Triple H in his prime, motivating a pissed off Stephanie to book Seth twice at the next PPV, the next week Hunter is giving Seth the night off and booking his opponents Cena and Sting in matches. None of that makes any sense, no matter what way you’re looking at it—it doesn’t make any sense. And, week, after week, we are hurting the character Seth Rollins because the audience has NO IDEA who he is. And, make no mistake about it–the character Seth Rollins IS NOT OVER, simply because Triple H is forcing him down our throats every week. Would you TUNE IN, or PAY MONEY to see Seth Rollins—that is the question you have to ask yourself.

But, it’s not just the mishandling of Rollins by any stretch of the imagination. Look at this past week’s show for instance. Brie Bella gets involved in the Diva’s Title match. Stephanie comes out and awards the match to Charlotte via DQ, but Charlotte doesn’t win the title. An hour later, Rollins comes out and interferes in Sting’s match—Cena then soon joins the fray. Triple H then orders a TAG TEAM MATCH. Why? Why didn’t he allow the DQ to stand like Stephanie did? Because Stephanie’s DQ benefited the heel in Nikki by saving her from losing the title? Really? As a heel, Triple H would want to now put his boy in the same ring as Sting and Cena after giving him the night off? Inconsistency—it makes absolutely no sense.

Look, you can write the show however you want to write it to get to where ever you want to go, but, if you’re asking an audience to follow—it has to make sense and be consistent. If it’s not—your audience will never care about what happens and in the case of RAW—they don’t, and your numbers reflect that. ALL of that is on Creative—all of it.

Here’s another thing—why aren’t we sending baby faces to the Children’s Hospital during the day, if we are going to play that footage during the show? We see the Bella’s with sick children, and then we are supposed to boo them five minutes later? What? Why not send Paige, or Becky, or Charlotte—better yet, why not send Natalya—great way to get her on the show since she hasn’t been seen in weeks. Simple. Simple, simple, simple.

I can go on with just so many things here: Why did Lana have such a change of heart after well over a year of hating Americans, why are Dolph and Lana together? Why did Brie have a change of heart when older sister Nikki was torturing her as her slave? Why did the Wyatts spilt up? Why are the Wyatts back together? What happened to Sandow? Why was Sting putting over Triple H a few weeks ago when Hunter beat him by hitting him with a sledgehammer at WrestleMania? What is Sting’s real heat with Seth Rollins? Yes, any avid WWE fan will answer all of the above by using smoke, mirrors and Saran Wrap, but their lame explanations STILL won’t make any sense. Again, the WWE Creative is writing to WHERE THEY WANT TO GO—but—-with such gapping holds in logic—VERY FEW OF US ARE FOLLOWING!

Guys, I beg you, go watch any other show on TV, whether it is good, bad or indifferent, there is a beginning, a middle and an end, with characters that are consistent and storylines that make sense. What makes the WWE the exception to that rule? Oh, yeah, I forgot—it’s wrestling.

Get better, guys!

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