Jim Ross Blog: JR Talks Roman Reigns and NXT Takeover London

In his latest blog, JR  talks about Roman Reigns’ title win and where to go next, Sheamus and Vince McMahon helping him get over and the NXT Takeover live special here are some highlights:

On Roman Reigns’ big week:

“Roman Reigns had two stellar days of TV this week including Sunday at TLC and Monday on RAW where Reigns finally won the WWE World Title. 

Even though I’m not predicating it, Reigns suddenly aligning himself with The Authority would be a massive shocker and cast an entire new, long lasting light on the WWE Champion who needs to adopt the ‘Dirty Harry’ philosophy of speaking less and not more.

Roman doesn’t need to be a Stone Cold or Rock remake but instead allow his natural personality to be put on display, organically. Reigns was great on the WWE2K video game symposium simply being himself. I’d suggest trying that plus Roman becoming more invested in the creation of his own verbiage.”

On the talent on the NXT Takeover card:

“Samoa Joe losing to Finn Balor helped both talents in my view. It isn’t a death knell to lose but it can’t happen regularly and it’s how one executes the loss that’s critical too.

Logical story featuring Nia Jax and Bayley that parlayed on several basic human emotions to deliver a believable presentation. Having a ‘monster heel’ submit did not bother me whatsoever. Any and all talents should be able to lose, in today’s market, in an opponents finisher if said submission hold is over. 

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy are really over. Love their entertainment value and hope they can be as equally as successful when it’s time for them to be dead serious. Their tag match vs. Dawson an Wilder was enjoyable to watch. Enzo definitely has ‘it.’”

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