Hacksaw Jim Duggan “would hope that the WWE would bring” Hulk Hogan Back

– Hacksaw Jim Duggan spoke with WrestleZone Radio for a new interview. Check out the audio and highlights below:

On if fans are ready to forgive Hulk Hogan and welcome him back: “Yeah, I would hope so. I think it was a shame that the guy got branded like that. I know Hulk Hogan, he’s a friend of mine and the guy is definitely not a racist. I would hate to have people tape me at home when I go off about something (laughs). I cover everybody! I’m like Blazing Saddles! (Laughs) Ask everybody! To tape some guy at home saying something he said seven or eight years ago and blowing it totally out of proportion. The way the WWE reacted… I was kind of… I felt sorry for the guy. You would hope that the WWE would bring him back. The guy said something in the heat of the moment. Who doesn’t?”

On becoming close friends with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper on Legend’s House: “When I got there they said, “Everybody has to have a roommate.” I’m like, “I haven’t had a roommate since college! You got to be kidding.” They said, “You’re rooming with Piper!” I’m like, “Oh, Jesus!” I didn’t really know Piper. The first two days were just like, “Yeah? How you doing, buddy?” Funny, we hit it off. The fans called it a “Bromance”. We became very close in a short period of time. Our families became close. Obviously, our hearts were broken just like every body else with his sudden passing.”

On whether he might appear in the Royal Rumble: “You never know. With WWE I’ve had them not be able to get you a ticket so they get you a first class. The most expensive ticket because it’s the day of the deal. You get on the plane. You get to the show and by the time you get there it’s changed. You never know what’s going to happen. Everything is very fluid in wrestling. I figure what a lot of folks don’t understand about wrestling is how competitive the business is. I do a lot of Comic-Cons and autograph sessions and stuff. They say, “My son really wants to be a wrestler!” I say, “Well, that’s great. Chase your dreams because who ever would have thought Daniel Bryan would become a star?” There’s a guy that had “it”. He’s got the desire and the heart. Look at him. They said, “There’s no way this guy is going to make it.” He worked hard enough to get it done. I say, “Chase your dream but realize there’s 1,500 NFL players playing this year. 1,000 NBA players. There’s maybe, what? 100-110 on the WWE roster?” It’s an extremely competitive business. We all compete. We all compete for the same money. We’re real good friends. (Laughs)”

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