DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers: What Is DC Rebirth Status Quo For The Flash & Wally West, The New Kid Flash, Heading Into The Flash #1 & Justice League #1?

DC Comics’ Flash gets the DC Rebirth treatment with twice monthly Flash series starting with Wonder Woman #1 and the twice monthly Justice League 12. Flash Rebirth #1also starting with a #1 (full DC Rebirth checklist here).

New Flash scribe Josh Williamson revealed the status quo for the Flash as DC Comics Rebirth begins.

Spoilers for DC Rebirth’s The Flash follow.

13. Flash #1Here’s what The Flash writer Josh Williamson has teased about his run.

  • A Speed Force Storm grants several people speed powers and the Flash feels obligated to train them.
  • Wally West, as Kid Flash, will be part of his Flash series.
  • Teen Titans #1[Editor’s Note: The new Kid Flash will also be a lead in the new DC Rebirth Teen Titans series.]
  • A new villain named Godspeed will be sympathetic, but still a killer.
  • The Flash’s Rogues Gallery won’t be in the initial arc. They see on TV that there are lots more speedsters in town and decide to leave town for now.
  • Iris West and the new speedsters will be big members of the series’ supporting cast.

I’m intrigued.

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