Eric Bischoff on WWE Women’s Title Headlining a PPV – “No, I don’t. That’s not because of the talent.”



Wrestlezone Radio recently interviewed Eric Bischoff, who discussed the current state of women’s wrestling in WWE and if he thinks the women could main event a WWE Network special sometime next year. Below are some highlights.

Bischoff on if this is a boom period for women’s wrestling in WWE: “It sure does. When I was actually involved with WWE as a talent women were kind of… I don’t want to say “eye candy”, that’s the wrong way to say it… they were ancillary. They were there. Everybody knew them. They got a reaction. They were fun to watch. They were hot. They were sexy. That’s the way they were used at the time by the WWE for the most part. They had a role. That had a place. I think they have now gotten away from that presentation of women’s wrestling and women as characters. Now they are representing them as still beautiful but highly athletic and skilled women. Before it was a small handful of women that were skilled. The majority were there because they were good actresses and good to look at. They would play the role and do what was asked of them. I think it’s just changed now. It just more athletic.”

On if he could see a WWE women’s title match ever headlining a WWE Network special next year: “No, I don’t. That’s not because of the talent. It’s just the composition of the audience. When your audience composition is 60/40. The USA Network represents a 60% male and 40% female viewership. If you are going to put a woman’s match in a main event at something like WrestleMania those women better be really, really embraced by the audience. That takes time. Let’s go back to something I’ve said so many times in these interviews. Name somebody other than The Rock or Bill Goldberg that has been in the business for less than ten years that has been able to ascend to that WrestleMania star status. You can’t. You can’t name one. If they did, they did it once.”


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