TNA Releases Trailer for Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy: The Final Deletion

This week’s Impact featured several segments involving the Hardys, including the announcement of The Final Deletion – a match on the Hardy compound. It will air on Impact this coming week, and TNA has chosen to hype it up with an all-new trailer featuring clips from the match. The trailer shows the insanity that has already aired – and then we get brief shots of what’s to come on Tuesday. Jeff goes for a swanton out of a tree, Matt Hardy shoots a fireworks gun at him, Jeff shoots back, and Matt tries to back suplex him into water.

This looks absolutely insane – and should make for a fun watch on Impact this week. TNA has been desperate to find anything that will net them a ratings foothold, but this Hardy vs. Hardy feud has been so absurd that TNA has actually gained buzz. This trailer should do the same, and the fact that it’s leading to a match will hopefully bump the ratings up a bit.

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