TNA Impact Wrestling 11-3-16 Recap (Lashley vs. Edwards II)

An Eddie Edwards vs. Lashley video hypes the show up. Brandi comes down and says that Cody is hurt, but he’s a fighter. Maria says that she opens doors, but sometimes has to shut them in people’s faces – like with Allie. Brandi says that the name Rhodes connotes respect, and she doesn’t need Maria’s help for anything. Sienna beats her up and hits the backbreaker cutter.


Josh narrates an Eddie Edwards video package and talks about him training with Killer Kowalski. He suffered an injury against Davey in an exhibition, and we’ll see more of this later. Jessie is out to face Aron Rex for the Grand Championship. Josh talks about how Rex has two fingers heavily taped, and backstage, he has two heavy rings on those fingers. I like this – they’re acting like the show just isn’t some self-contained thing where only the time within the timeslot matters.

They have a fairly bland match, although Jessie does shine a bit with a Fujiwara armbar. Adonis Crab is on, but the second round ends – so Rex is saved by the bell. Rex rakes the eyes and hits the knockout punch to win. DJZ’s Team X Gold group chats, and Sutter is glad to have this group and be in there with the champion.


The Helms Dynasty and Spud team up against Decay and DJZ’s team. Why is Abyss in Team X Gold? According to Josh, DJZ and Billy explained this concept to each other. Great. Explain it to the fans then. Lee hits a sick buckle bomb on Mandrews. Spud stomps a mudhole in him before bringing in Rockett to attack too. Spud flips Rockett off and tags in Abyss. Decay does a lot of double teams and gets ejected – so now Spud is on his own. Braxton flatines him to win. “Team X Gold is trending worldwide by the way, so is Impact on Pop!” Ugh.

Eddie’s injury is covered and he used the time to get married, before Davey tore his ACL and it’ll be continued. The Broken Hardys came out and got beaten up by the DCC. This is just a walk and brawl with everyone before one DDC guy shoves Earl for a DQ. They keep the fight going backstage with wacky music. Nero gets a selfie with Grado and the beating continues. Jeff is down, but Matt has a portable Lake of Reincarnation posing as a tub with water in it and makes Immortal Jeff Hardy. The Immortal belt hits and Jeff smokes the pain away. Matt bites a guy until he forklifts a DDC guy up. Jeff uses the Lake of Reincarnation to make himself Jeff again and hits a Twist, but Matt gets kicked off a box.


EC3 comes out and says he hasn’t had a great time since BFG, before Eli comes out and says he’ll cash in his Bound For Gold contract next week. Lashley tells JB that he beat up Cody because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Eddie’s story continues and starts with him winning the X Title and then losing the World Title. Eddie’s mentor David Cahill also passed away, and that was a burden on him. Lashley’s reign of terror is covered, and then the Boston Knee Party gave him the title.

We go backstage to see Lashley working out a bit before he comes out. They have an excellent sequence at the start with Lashley catching a kick and then hitting a spinning back elbow. Lashley sends him outside and chokes him out with the wristband. Lashley dominates with punches and elbows before avoiding the delayed suplex and hitting a blue thunder bomb! Lashley puts the ref in the way of a corner knee and the spear hits – but there’s no ref! Another ref comes in and Lashley is pissed, but he is distracted and eats the Knee Party – Eddie retains! Excellent match and they told a fantastic story with Eddie’s rise – good show. One of the best in quite some time.



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