Inside Pulse Wrestling’s WWE SmackDown Live Rankings 12.07.16

Welcome to the WWE SmackDown Live Rankings by Inside Pulse Wrestling.

In these rankings we take the top 10 contenders for the WWE World Championship, and Top 5 for each the SmackDown Live Woman’s Championship, & SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship. In the rankings we take 3 major factors into account:

-Win/Loss since the last ranking
-Amount of TV Time dedicated to a particular character and/or storyline
-Logical storyline progression

A new ranking report will be released after the first SmackDown Live after a Pay-Per-View event.

WWE World Champion – AJ Styles (since 09.11.16)
1. James Ellsworth (2)
2. The Miz (5) (Intercontinental Champion since 11.15.16)
3. Baron Corbin (7)
4. Dean Ambrose (1)
5. Dolph Ziggler (6)
6. Kalisto (8)
7. Kane (9)
8. Apollo Crews (NR)
9. Curt Hawkins (NR)
10. Jack Swagger (NR)

With no clear path for the WWE Championship after TLC, Ellsworth takes the #1 contender spot due to his Championship opportunity. The Miz with big wins over Ziggler & Ambrose on back to back shows moves him up high. Corbin dominated Kalisto over the past few weeks as well, including a very physical Chairs Match. It’s clear he wants to be the Champ! Ambrose may very well be back in the title hung by The Royal Rumble, but that seems like a long way away. With the Wyatt Family officially in the Tag Team Division, we see some new names at the bottom!

WWE SmackDown Live Woman’s Champion – Alexa Bliss (since 12.04.16)
1. Becky Lynch (Champion)
2. Nikki Bella (3)
3. Carmella (5)
4. Natalya (2)

Alexa’s dethroned Becky over the weekend at TLC, but Becky is still owed her rematch. Nikki, Nattie, & Carmella are all wrapped up in their own drama, but who ever comes out on top should be next in line after Becky’s rematch. With Naomi currently injured, and Eva Marie still not back, these 5 are the entire SDL Woman’s Division.

WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions – The Wyatt Family (since 12.04.16)
1. American Alpha (1)
2. The Hype Bros. (4)
3. Rhyno & Heath Slater (Champions)
4. The Ascension (NR)
5. The Vaudevillians (NR)

The new & improved Wyatt Family leapfrogged American Alpha to win the Tag Team Championship, and will be using all 3 members under the Freebird rule. Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley seems to be finally done with The Ascension, after a wins a few weeks in a row. With Rhyno & Slater losing the rematch on Tuesday’s show, they are now in the outside looking in.

The next Smackdown Live Rankings are scheduled for February 1, after the Royal Rumble!

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