Marvel Now 2017 & IVX Spoilers: Inhumans Vs. X-Men #6 Has Emma Frost Take On Everyone As ResurrXion Gets Real!

Marvel Now 2017 and IVX Spoilers follow for Inhumans Vs. X-Men #6.

IVX concludes.

The last issue of the mini-series event opens with their summary blurb of what’s gone on before plus…

…their dramatis personae for the issue identifying all the mutants / X-Men and the Inhumans.

At the end of Death of X #4 we learned that Emma Frost started the chain reaction of events that led us to IVX even if many others in the story, X-Men and Inhumans alike, did not. She basically made a dead / dying older Cyclops look alive and appear to finger the Inhumans as a threat to society (full spoilers here).

Anyhow, in Inhumans vs. X-Men #6 Emma Frost resorts to mind controlling her fellow X-Men in her battle against the Inhumans.

Magneto is not amused leading to…

…the Inhumans’ Medusa capturing Emma Frost.

Frost escapes with the help of her dead lover’s brother Havok.

The Inhumans andX-Men have a truce and the rest of the issues chronicles where everyone is before ResurrXion kicks off with X-Men Prime and Inhumans Prime.

On the X-Mend side, the Beast is freed and Emma Frost appears to be becoming the Black Queen wearing her dead lover Cyclop’s helmet.

On the Inhumans side, the Royal Family is changing things and elections will be held for the first time as to who and how the Inhumans will be governed.

Johnny Storm, the Human Torch of the defunct Fantastic Four, leaves the Inhumans as Medusa…

…is left optimistic about the future in a last page to the issue that I felt just didn’t fit.

Finally, Marvel teases you about what is next as ResurrXion begins!

Next up is X-Men Prime #1 and Inhumans Prime #1 (spoilers here).

Plus, the core X-Men get three different series catering to the tastes of three different generations of X-Fans (spoilers here).

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