Marvel Now 2017 Spoilers: Peter Parker & Miles Morales Spider-Man Double Team-Up’s For Summer 2017! Spider-Men II & Generations?

Marvel Now 2017 and Generations Spoilers for Spider-Men follow.

In a recent podcast interview with Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis, we learned some interesting things concerning Marvel’s Spider-Men. As you know by now, Marvel has 2 Spider-Men in its main 616 universe: the older Peter Parker as the Amazing and Spectacular Spider-Man plus Miles Morales as the adjectiveless Spider-Man.

In 2012, both Spider-Men were part of a cross-over mini-series when Miles Morales was in the Ultimate Universe and Peter Parker was the only Spider-Man in the 616 Universe. After 2015’s Secret Wars (technically Secret Wars III) event mini-series, reality was rewritten and the Ultimate Universe was seemingly merged with the 616 universe; or so I think that is how that event ended as it was a bit confusing.

Anyhow, despite that, both Spider-Men remain quite popular with fans will get two Spider-Men team-ups this summer. The first will be part of the Generations event mini-series which will be written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Ramon Perez.

In addition to that, Brian Michael Bendis confirmed a seperate Spider-Men II storyline for Marvel this summer too; a separate event mini-series like Spider-Men II or a cross-over between existing adjectiveless, Spectacular and Amazing Spider-Man series has not been confirmed. “Five years since the original Spider-Men miniseries with their first team-up. Good news is that we’re going to answer all the questions about Peter/Miles. The eight months of Miles in the 616, everything. All will be answered this summer.


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