Marvel Now 2017 Spoilers: Sexism, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine & Phoenix Return From Dead Or Via Time Travel For Generations During Secret Empire?

Marvel Now 2017 Spoilers follow for Generations during Secret Empire comics event.

It appears Marvel is launching “10 pairings” as part of the Generations “series” this summer during Secret Empire.

The 10 pairings are as follows alongside their writers:

    • Iron Man (Tony Stark and Riri Williams) – Brian Michael Bendis
    • Spider-Man (Peter Parker and Miles Morales) – Brian Michael Bendis
    • Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers and Kamala Khan) – G. Willow Wilson
    • Thor (Odinson and Jane Foster) – Jason Aaron
    • Hawkeye (Clint Barton and Kate Bishop) – Kelly Thompson
    • Hulk (Bruce Banner and Amadeus Cho) – Greg Pak
    • Jean Grey (young and older) – Dennis Hopeless
    • Wolverine (Logan and X23) – Tom Taylor
    • Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers) – Margie Stohl
    • Captain America (Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson) – Nick Spencer

Interesting that its Brian Michael Bendis and not Dan Slott on Spider-Man or even co-writing it.

Plus new art was also released featuring the Jane Foster Mighty Thor and a classic looking Unworthy Odison Thor.

You’ll also note that the Hulk pairing features the Incredible Hulk Bruce Banner and the Totally Awesome Hulk Amadeus Cho and not who headlines the Marvel Now 2017 series actually called Hulk namely Jennifer Walters. Sexism? Error? Something else?

More details on Generations from Marvel Comics Editor in Chief Axel Alonso via ABC:

      “We are looking to honor the legacy of the entire universe, so we are taking the iconic legacy heroes and pairing them with the new class. It very much indicates where we are going in the future with all of these characters and what we’ve been planning for some time for the universe.”

      The trials and tribulations that this series will bring for the 10 pairings should “illuminate” who they are and “indicate where they will be moving in the future.”

      “How did we do this is part of the fun. Right now, Rogers isn’t much of a good guy. Why would Sam want to team up with him? Banner’s dead! Logan’s dead! These are questions that demand to be seen. What I will tell you is we have an ingenious device [to bring them back].”

      “These stories do happen, they really count. They really matter. This isn’t some alternate reality story or some time-travel story.”

      “You don’t take these characters off the board with the intention to keep them off the board forever. One of the tropes of our medium is characters get a second wind. They die and come back. That’s part of the beauty of what we do.”

I am intrigued, but, for example, will we have five (5) Thors this summer with:

Perhaps a new Thor Corps, but not as large as it was during Secret Wars a few years back?

Does Generations also explain why there is an Iron Man in classic armor popping up in Secret Empire?

I am anxious yet intrigued.

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