Impact Wrestling 10/5/17 Recap – EC3 and Storm vs. Texano and Fantasma

Impact, unlike WWE, actually aired a graphic for Lance Russell – nice move alongside the Pray for Vegas graphic. Johnny vs. Eli is recapped. Eli comes out with Adonis and says the title won’t be going anywhere, even with Cornette trying to take the title from him. Eli makes Adonis vs. Garza Jr before doing commentary. They have a really sloppy match until Johnny Impact comes down and brawls with Adonis before we get an Impact vs. AAA brawl. Cornette comes down and makes Impact vs. Garza next week and the winner faces Eli at BFG. Well, they couldn’t have telegraphed that any easier.

A  Lashley-Moose video airs and Moose goes to ATT to confront him. LAX’s title loss is recapped before LAX bickers in their compound. OVE is out with their goofy dime store masks and destroy a pair of jobbers. Sienna comes out with KM and says she’ll fight guys if she needs to because she’s so dominant in the KOs division. Gail comes out to talk, as does Taryn, who brags about being the longest-reigning KOs champion ever. Allie comes out and says that Gail is a hall of famer, but SHE’S ALLIE! Everyone wants a shot and Karen comes out while Sienna says “OH MY GODDDDDD!”. Karen announces that Sienna will defend against Gail, Taryn, and Allie at BFG.

Joseph Park and Grado do a photo op with Park charging $100 per photo. Park tells him to go to the hotel and get some rest before giving him some cash. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, and Caleb Konley come out to face Sonjay, Sydal, and Petey. The heels dominate Sonjay with some triple team attacks. The heels are do-see-doed into each other before we get a triple dive to the floor. Petey works over Caleb, who knees Sonjay as well. Petey comes in and drives Caleb down before Everett misses a moonsault. Sydal hits the shotgun knees to Lee before hitting a rana to Everett and hitting the SSP to win it. The babyfaces all bicker over who will face Lee at BFG. Global Forged airs.

The babyface X division guys bicker in Cornette’s office before Laurel Van Ness is shown in the crowd on a scooter. Moose goes to ATT and Lashley tosses him into the cage before the ATT guys beat him up and toss him out. Now that’s heel dominance. Texano and El Hijo Del Fantasma are out to face EC3 and James Storm. Storm is in some slick red and black gear and plays a fine babyface in peril against the much larger Texano. EC3 blind tags himself in to give Storm a refresher – but to also steal the show for himself. Storm comes back in to get double-teamed before tagging EC3 in willingly. EC3 runs wild, but Fantasma boot washes him in the corner. Pagano attacks EC3 on the ropes and hits a flying snapmare driver on Fantasma. Storm comes in and runs wild with punches, but the heels hit a double team codebreaker for 2. Tower of Doom takes out AAA, but the heels cheat by holding Storm’s leg down off a suplex to win it. Konnan is at the LAX compound and threatens OVE. All righty then.

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