DC Comics Rebirth & Dark Nights Metal Spoilers: Dark Knights – The Wild Hunt #1 To Be Co-Written By Scott Snyder & Grant Morrison!

DC Comics Rebirth and Dark Nights Metal Spoilers for Dark Knights – The Wild Hunt #1 follows.

Scott Snyder has been keeping up on his Dark Nights Metal checklist including this week’s #DCMetal twofer.

“HUGE wk for #dcmetal! 2 books =1st pt of Dark Knights vs JL in BATS OUT OF HELL!!
– Flash #33
– & BATMAN: THE MERCILESS – Batman god of war”

Scott Snyder also announced that February 2018’s Dark Knights – The Wild Hunt #1 will be co-written by Grant Morrison.

“So HUGE #DCMetal news – the one and only Grant Morrison will be co-writing our special February issue METAL: DARK KNIGHTS, THE WILD HUNT!!!”

Grant Morrison appears excited.

“Me and @Ssnyder1835 lead THE WILD HUNT in February! Kozmik riders on the storm #DCMETAL”

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