DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers & Review: Batman #34 With An Engaged Batman & Catwoman Plan For Talia Al Ghul! Plus Damian Wayne Robin Vs. Superman?

DC Comics Rebirth Spoilers and Review for Batman #34 follow.

As recently engaged Batman / Bruce Wayne and Catwoman / Selina Kyle are in a mission to Talia Al Ghul the mother of Damian Wayne / Robin; Batman’s his dad. So the Bat and Cat are seeking out the Bat’s ex for some reason.

Batman #34 opens with Talia Al Ghul learning that Batman and Catwoman have arrived and that they are engaged. She sends here assassins after them.

We then pivot to Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson / Nightwing and the first Robin; Damian is jawwing with Superman about how he’d take him down. Superman leaves to deal with an alien invasion, but bot before telling Damian Wayne that if he did take him down that his son Jon Kent / Superboy, who co-anchors the Super Sons series with Damian, wouldn’t want to hang with him anymore.

Damian and Dick are outside Talia’s base waiting for her “meeting” with Batman and Catwoman to end.

We pivot back to Batman and Catwoman vs. Talia Al Ghul’s assassins. They are not there to kill the Bat and Cat, but tire them out making them…

…slim pickings for Talia Al Ghul. She asks Batman if he has a sword. He doesn’t, but…

…goes toe-to-toe with her anyway. We also learn that the Bat and Cat are not there to seek Talia’s blessing over their upcoming marriage – afterall she and Batman are mother and father to Damian – but they are after Holly Robinson. She is a serial killer who framed Catwoman. She is in Talia’s entourage and they want her.

Talia doesn’t directly answer about Holly Robinson; she defeats a tired Batman anyway setting up…

…a sword battle with Catwoman!


Another entertaining issue by writer Tom King with solid art by Joƫlle Jones. 9 out 10.

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