Marvel Comics Legacy & Phoenix Resurrection The Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #5 Spoilers & Review: Cyclops Scott Summers Fate & X-Men Red?!

Marvel Comics Legacy and Phoenix Resurrection The Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #5 Spoilers and Review follow.

Fate Of Scott Summers Cyclops & More On Road To X-Men Red?!

We open with the usual catch-up summary page and creators’ credits.

Then we get right into it. The X-Men had found their way into the Phoenix’s “egg” where Jean Grey looks to be in a different world where the Phoenix is trying to get her back.

Jean Grey becomes a new Phoenix, but who is control?

Looks the adult Jean Grey wants no part of the Phoenix Force any longer.

She battles hard and…

…the Phoenix ups the stakes.

Reviving the recently deceased adult Scott Summers…

…for real; not an illusion.

Husband and wife get to say their farewells…

…as an adult Scott Summers…

…returns to death as his long-dead wife, the adult Jean Grey, now lives.

Jean Grey confronts the Phoenix almost taunting it with a chest pounding and a “is that all you got” battle cry.

However, Jean Grey also realizes that the Phoenix loves her and its effort to hurt her by seeing Scott, she gave her want she wanted; a moment to say goodbye. That earlier scene was an emotional and touching one between wife and husband.

Jean Grey doesn’t know what the role of the Phoenix Force is in the universe, although readers know its long-lived having founded the Avengers 1,000,000 BC (full spoilers for Marvel Legacy #1 one-shot here), but she wants no part of it.

The Phoenix is desperate and just wants to run away with Jean…

…without the Phoenix Force and its life and death powers, Jean will die.

She’s immortal with the Phoenix Force supposedly and without she’ll die… eventually… as humans age. She also won’t be able to revive dead friends. Jean is ok with that despite knowing those moments will be painful.

The Phoenix Force wastes away as it and Jean Grey say their good-byes…

…leaving an adult Jean Grey returned to life as she and the X-Men hover over the corpse of the dead adult Scott Summers Cyclops.

Up next is this week’s Jean Grey #11, a Phoenix Resurrection epilogue of sorts, and next week’s new ongoing series with the adult Jean Grey as its lead: X-Men Red!


The mini-series:

This whole Phoenix Resurrection weekly mini-series has one hand felt rushed and on the other hand felt like there was a lot of filler that without it could have made this just an extra-sized one-shot or annual. I give the whole mini-series a 4 out of 10.

The finale issue:

However, Phoenix Resurrection #5 was the strongest issue of the bunch and got us to where we need to be with the adult Jean Grey and had some really gut-wrenching emotional moments between here and her deceased husband the adult Scott Summers along with her moments at the end with the Phoenix.

Writer Matthew Rosenberg, pencillers Leinil Francis You and Joe Bennett as well as the rest of the creative team hit the story out of the park in this issue.

My only gripe is that the art styles of Yu and Bennett on their own books independently would be amazing, but they aren’t complementary styles so the transitions were jarring.

Story narrative on its own is probably a 9 out of 10, but the whole package is a 7.5 out of 10.

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