Marvel Comics Legacy & Avengers #682 Spoilers: No Surrender Part 8 Has The Classic Hawkeye BIG TIME Return & Red Wolf Saving The Day?!

Marvel Comics Legacy and Avengers #682 Spoilers follow for No Surrender Part 8.

The Book Has The Classic Hawkeye’s BIG TIME Return & Red Wolf Saving The Day?!

The book opens with the usual catch-up and credits page plus…

…a dramtis personae.

The Grandmaster’s Lethal Legion fight the Avengers in New Mexico over the pyramoid there.

The Challenger’s Black Order appear hobbled by another group of Avengers in Antarctica.

In Manhattan, the Beast and the Wasp dote on a dying Jarvis the Avengers’ butler.

Turns out the Wasp has in her blood whatever Jarvis is fighting and the Beast can create anti-bodies from the Wasp’s blood.

Back in New Mexico, what looks like another Wasp is working over the Lethal Legion, as her peers, while the Red Wolf observes.

(An aside: it’s always cool to see classic looking Wonder Man back too alongside classic looking Hawkeye!)

The Red Wolf sees a pattern. They want the pyramoid because they knows something about it that the Avengers do not.

Red Wolf asks Hawkeye, his friend who is like a brother to him, to give him cover while he grabs the pyramoid. He doesn’t think he’ll die nor does he thin the Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, did either. Taking the pyramoid off the table may help the Avengers.

Hawkeye grudgingly agrees…

…Red Wolf lunges for the pyramoid…

…and it appears he and it are destroyed.

We pivot back to Grandmaster’s ship where the game is being planned by him and his opponent the Grandmaster.

These leads to the other big reveals of Avengers #682. The Grandmaster has a plan involving Jarvis and the Challenger has a plan involving the Immortal Hulk (full spoilers here).

We end with a look at the next three issues of No Surrender…

…Avengers #683, #683 and #685.

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