Netflix & Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Recaps By Penny; Episode 4 – “AKA God Help The Hobo”

Jess is looking annoyed as she sits in at some kind of support group. Presumably the anger management the court ordered after she plastered Cheng. Jess just wants her attendance form signed, but the group leader encourages her to share. At first she just listens as others describe their own anger, but when it’s her turn to share while bouncing a ball against the wall, she recounts her life of rape abuse and torture and destroys the ball. She goes home and scolds Malcolm for failing to keep Trish away from the meeting. Later she overhears Garcia downstairs arguing with presumably his ex with whom he’s having a custody battle.

Trish and Jess talk on the phone as papos hound Trish for pictures and the scoop on her “break-up” with Griffin and her “new man” Malcolm. Jess says she has a lead on the killer, but gets distracted when Garcia’s son Vido comes into her office and badgers her with superhero questions.  The kid is an idiot and climbs out onto her window ledge grinning like dumbass asking if she’d save him if he feel, then almost falls forcing her to actually save him. Of course Garcia and his ex arrive just in time to see her pulling Vido in from outside the window and Garcia reminds Jess angrily she has 25 days left. Meanwhile Griffin and Jess assuage the papo harassing them outside her building and Griffin is understandably annoyed that Jess got them in this mess.

Jeri is at work but struggling to focus. Cheng comes in continuing to be a self-deluded smug snake demanding that Jess is a freak who MUST be sued because he can’t accept that he asked for it and got beat by a girl. He’s hiring a different law firm for his suit and refunds Jeri’s retainer so they’re no longer working for each other. She tells him he can’t change this.

Trish and Jess go to an old thrift shop they used to frequent while they were still teens. The shop owner remembers Trish as the drunk delinquent that trashed her shop and bit her back then. Trish bribes her to get over her grudge and give her info on Fake Hanson. Afterwards in the car Trish shows Jess the video she had Malcolm take of her confronting Max. It’s been three days and Max is calling her bluff, so Jess demands Jess drive her to the set. Trish makes her promise to not hurt him. Jess has another idea and they talk to the teenager starring in Max’s current project.

Cheng shows up at Jess’ office to try to recruit Malcolm, but his massively punchable face keeps being smug and obnoxious, and Malcolm brushes him off, especially after Cheng annoys him by quoting jis own father at him. Jeri is out for a walk and sees a disabled person fall down, and freezes up, seeing her future. Back at the film set Max is bitching about his star walking and sees Trish and Jess, realizing Trish must have convinced the girl to quit. Trish reminds him he had a deadline and he missed it. He continues to try to blow her off so Jess intimidates him with her strength. He finally caves.

Jeri calls Jess to ask if she’s found anything on Chow and Benowitz. She’s dug into their financials but hasn’t found anything actionable. Jeri thanks her for helping as Jess says she’ll continue to look into it. Garcia shows up to apologize. Vido told him Jess saved his life. He admits he was an asshole and thanks her by tearing up the eviction notice and a bottle of booze. She invites him in to share it. Trish meanwhile is having make-up sex with Griffin, and afterwards talks about how her shitty taste in men means any other man she’d ever been with would have left after Jess’ stunt with the papo. Griffin says he’s been shot at in Iraq, it’ll take more than that to scare him off. She gets up to shower and Griffin gets a phone call. He talks like he’s keeping something bad from Trish.

Garcia and Jess are talking and he’s explaining what his real problem with Jess was. Not her powers, but her bringing cops to his door six months after he got out of jail and while he was doing the passport forgeries for the landlord. He asks her how she got her powers and she laments that everyone asks her that, and jokes that she’d kill him for asking but she likes his kid. He laughs and says she’s a strange one who seems like she hate people. She sasses back no, just him. He admits Vido likes her and says his kid is usually right about people so she must be okay. She starts making out with him but he freaks out at how aggressive she is. He thinks going from hating him to fucking him in 30 minutes isn’t normal and he leaves.

Jess leaves her office talking on the phone when Malcolm flags her down to tell her about his visit from Cheng. She downplays it and Malcolm stands up to her, demanding she stop treating him like a little brother and not only teach him to be a good PI but give him an actual cut of the pay. She agrees and leaves as a woman whose name Malcolm fails to remember pokes her head out his door. Jeri meanwhile forces an appointment with her doctor wanting alternative options for treating ALS. She wants info on not entirely legal options to cure it. She asks her doctor to help her get her hands on a cure, or an end. She gets exasperated when her doctor won’t help her with illegal options and leaves.

Jess and Trish look over the records about IGH Max got them. All there is are three patients IGH paid for the medical care of, one of whom is her, the second of whom was Whizzer. That leaves a woman named Inez Green, who is currently homeless. Jess has to talk Trish down from taking heavy ordinance with them to go track Inez down. She wants Trish to zap her with a modified taser they found in Will’s stuff and it actually knocks her down, so Jess says they’ll bring that. They go to the neighbourhood Inez was last seen in asking around. One guy points her in the right direction for a bill, warning them that’s she’s a mean grumpy sort. They go to the building he pointed them towards and look around. There’s some faint old music coming from deeper in the building and they follow it. Suddenly the music stops and they know she knows they’re there. Jess says she’ll flush Inez out and Trish can tase her as soon as she does. Trish waits nervously while Jess creeps around, but Inez attacks Jess. Trish tases her.

Someone breaks into Jess’s office at night and starts searching the place. They’re tearing the place apart searching when they hear Malcolm and a woman coming. Malcolm assumes Jess is home because the door is unlocked, but soon realizes she’s not and immediately turns on the lights to see the mess the shadowy thief left. I’m guessing it was either Cheng or someone in his employ.

When Inez wakes up, Jess grills her for info. She’s covered in scars but not from being a patient. She was a nurse for IGH and Fake Hanson was the patient. She relates how FH threw her around and twist another nurse’s head backwards. Meanwhile, as I guessed, the thief, some guy named Mick, was working for Cheng and is on his way to give Cheng all of Jess’ files when he’s attacked by a woman who’s face is obscured. Cheng calls 911, and when Jess gets home she’s arrested for Nick’s murder. Costa and Sunday cuff her on the ground as she doesn’t resist and just repeats it wasn’t her, and Trish also gets arrested for trying to stop them from cuffing Jess.

End of episode.

See you tomorrow for episode 5!

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