Marvel Comics Legacy & Avengers #690 Spoilers: No Surrender Part 16 Has Hawkeye & The Immortal Hulk Bury The Hatchet Arrow After Civil War II Heading Into Fresh Start?!


Marvel Comics Legacy and Avengers #690 Spoilers for No Surrender Part 16 follows.

Avengers #690 is packed with a lot before next week’s Avengers #1 fresh start:

    • Confusion over Hawkeye’s costume.
    • Intertwined fates of Voyager and the imprisoned Challenger.
    • Catharsis for the Immortal Hulk and Hawkeye over Civil War II.
    • Revelations about Wonder Man, Hawkeye, Vision and Quicksilver.
    • New beginnings for the Black Order, Lethal Legion and the original Grandmaster.

Concerning Hawkeye and The Immortal Hulk Burying The Hatchet Arrow After Civil War II Heading Into Fresh Start…

…you may recall in 2016’s Civil War II that Hawkeye seemingly killed the Hulk by killing Bruce Banner.

However all was not as it seemed…

…as Clint Barton killed Bruce Banner at his request with arrow Bruce created.

Fast forward to 2018’s Avengers No Surrender and the Hulk returns as confirmed to be Immortal.

He was originally a pawn of the Challenger, but has snapped out of it helped defeat him.

Well, Hawkeye and the Immortal Hulk, as Clint Barton and Bruce Banner, met in a diner…

… discuss what happened between them. It is an awkward conversation that seems to set Bruce Banner on a path as a wanderer, like in his 1970’s TV incarnation…

…just in time for the new Immortal Hulk fresh start series!

Immortal Hulk #1 hits stands on June 6, 2018.

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