Impact Wrestling 8/2/18 Recap – Lucha Bros vs. OVE

Eddie Edwards is shown beating up Austin Aries while Johnny Impact is shown winning his match last week. Su Yung is out with her Undead Maid of Honor to face Allie and Kiera Hogan. Snapmare from Hogan leads to an Allie sliding D. Su hits her finish to Kiera and goes for it on Allie, but Allie avoids it and hits a codebreaker to pin her. Tessa lays her out and cuts a promo afterwards. The OGz come out with King and the belts. Hernandez hits a double Train Wreck on the jobbers before Homicide hits a Gringo Killah for the win.

LAX returns to brawl and Ortiz nearly uses an axe, but goons get involved to break it up. Konnan tells Ortiz to not use his anger against them because he raised them and he knows them. They want to feed the anger, but they’re scared. LAX vs. the Young Bucks is hyped up for the Jericho cruise. Liger vs. Petey from a TNA PPV is shown as the GWN clip. Sami and OVE talk about Twitter and say they don’t care about it. Okay then. Slammiversary recap video airs. KM and Bahh face the Desi Hit Squad, and KM loses to a giant high knee and a jumping complete shot. Anthony Carelli works with his trainee, who Aries takes lightly.

Johnny Impact beats up Jimmy Jacobs and says he wants Kongo Kong. Dustin Cameron is out to face Austin Aries. Aries comes down in street clothes and a banana. Aries pops him with a discus forearm and hits the brainbuster to win. He locks on the last chancery after the bell to torment Carelli. Aries gives him a free shot and Carelli kicks him low. Eddie Edwards jumps Aries on the ramp with the kendo stick. Aries vs. Edwards is made as a title match for next week.

Alisha talks about returning to the ring soon and sounds incredibly bored. Eddie tells her he’s done a lot of soul-searching and he’s going to make things better. She boringly states she can’t deal with him now. God bless her, but mic skills are not exactly her forte. Scarlett Bordeaux comes out in a hot red dress. She definitely projects star power more here than in ROH. Scarlett tells the flumoxed interviewer that he means to ask her what it’s like to be in a world of 3s and 4s as a 10 and she will not be hot shamed.

Grado, Kat, and Joe Henry are backstage and Grado confronts Eli about his gift. Grado says he’ll settle the issue in a wrestling match – a tag match. Eli gets the Cult of Lee involved sorta. Eli is out with Caleb and Eli dominates Grado for a bit. Eli hits the Gravy Train when Joe holds Kat back from the Cult of Lee. Gama Singh slaps his team before OVE vs. the Lucha Bros gets a hype graphic.

Matt Sydal talks about not caring about material things and being a champion is a temporary thing – but that loss has given him a lesson because there is more in store from the universe for him. The Crists start things off hot with a double dive that takes out a guardrail. They brawl outside and toss the Crists together before a double kick and double flip dive! The Crists hit a double stomp tombstone for 2.9! Dave Crist eats a Fear Factor and double stomp for 2.9 off a Jake save. Penta snake eyes Jake onto the apron where Fenix double stomps his back! Fear Factor double stomp hits to win it.


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