DC Comics Universe & Batman #55 Spoilers: Just How Bad Is Nightwing’s Tragic Fate?

DC Comics Universe and Batman #55 Spoilers follows.

Just How Bad Is Nightwing’s Tragic Fate?

Batman (Bruce Wayne) has been alienated from virtually all of his former sidekicks including Red Hood (Jason Todd in Red Hood: Outlaw), his son Robin (Damian Wayne in Teen Titans) and does anyone know where Red Robin (Tim Drake) is? That leaves good, old, reliable and happy Nightwing (Dick Grayson) who remains at Batman’s side.

They are summoned to Gotham Police Department via the Bat Signal and meet up with Commissioner Gordon.

As they are up there, it is clear it has been stake out because Nightwing is literally shot in the head; something that changes his fate in his own book. Amnesia we’re told.

After his done the deed, the KGBeats packs up his rifle and equipment and leaves which is a wild way to start this new arc.

For folks not familiar with KGBeast here is his classic Who’s Who in the DC Universe bio.

Wow. What an issue.

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