Curt Hawkins Said He Was Going To Win A Match… Until He Begged To Lose!


WWE’s lovable loser on an epic losing streak, former WWE Tag Team Champion Curt Hawkins revealed that “the streak” was supposed to end awhile ago. But Hawkins saw losing as a way to connect with an audience.

“My main priority has always to do the best that I can, or whatever situation that I have been placed in I have always tried to do my best, or whatever match I am in I try to steal the show in regards to what I am allowed to be doing so I was just doing my thing. What really sparked it all was that there was some online article that said that Curt Hawkins just lost his 100th match in a row. I think that, I’m not taking shots at anyone else, but most of my colleagues would be upset at that sort of thing.

“There’s been times since that article where I was having matches; in particular I had a match on Main Event against Heath Slater that I was supposed to win, but I thought, wait, hold it, no, please, no. This could be something. There’s no sense of ending this story on Main Event. Who begs to lose matches? I literally did that though where I said that I can’t win matches, and they were cool about it in the first place where they were telling me that I did a good job and that I am going to win a match. But I was like, no, you don’t understand.”

The biggest problem Hawkins has with “the streak?” Keeping track of it…

“It’s tough at times because I am doing the live events. I am doing this thing that say I lose to someone at a live event, I would then say that I wasn’t ready. It was BS and I’m not going anywhere until I have another opponent. And then Braun Strowman comes out, so I end up losing like six times a weekend before I get to TV. It’s got to the point rather quickly that I have to put [the streak number] on my Instagram and Twitter profile after every match otherwise I will forget because I don’t remember where it’s at. Another thing that sparks it that I have to end up doing is that when fans meet me now and want my autograph, more times than not they ask me to write where I am at like, how many losses in a row I have had. It’s like 4:30 in the morning and my brain isn’t fully working at the moment, so I have to check on Twitter or Instagram, so it really helps to have that information. I have been racking them up at certain points. It has made a lot more fun to perform because people are more invested in what I am doing. No longer am I going to live events and people just look at me as someone who loses matches. They are more intrigued now, and it is fun as a performer.”

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