The Column: The Life And Death Of Old Man LOGAN For Marvel Comics

The Death of Old Man Logan

Welcome to the column where I talk about a hairy old geezer in the Marvel Universe.


Old Man Logan, an alternate reality story created by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven after the Secret Wars event, we had Old Man Logan thrown into the Marvel Universe as a compensation for killing off the OG younger Wolverine.

He was confused, we were confused, but Old Man Logan became prominent in the Marvel Universe as an effective standout replacement for Logan. He had the gritty aspect down and he had even more baggage than the OG Logan. But we know that he was always a replacement and Logan was gonna come back.

And true enough Wolverine returned very, very, very slowly in a slew of titles and soon will become the crossover king again and this creates the interesting predicament of what to do with the old guy?

Kill him, of course. Old Man Logan has wanted that ever since his family was killed by the Hulks. He had an impressive 50 issue run and now that is gonna be followed upon with a Dead Man Logan 12 issue maxi-series. Naturally this is the best possible conclusion to the entire saga of his. He is gonna face down the guy who made him kill the X-Men, Mysterio, and he is gonna go on his final hurrah and I hope it is a pretty good and emotional saga.

I just think it would be a pretty damn shame if (Young Man) Logan and Old Man Logan never end up meeting before the end of the latter.

So let’s give the old guy a great goodbye for giving us some awesome stories and rest in peace, dude.

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